AC Buying Guide: Things to look before buying AC



There was a time when AC used to be a luxury but in the present days, it is more of a necessity. Indian summers are really hot and thus, they are in great demand in the market. There is a report that on an average in an Indian household, about 13% of the electric bell consists of only cooling appliances. So, you can definitely understand why the demands are increasing. Nowadays, there are a number of brands and their models in the market. The competition is also rising as consumers are becoming smarter and more aware of choosing what they buy?

So, you might also be planning to buy one for you and you might not be sure about which one will be the best AC in India for you in your budget range. So, now we’ll discuss all the important aspects that you must keep in mind before you go to any showroom and invest your precious money.

First of all, you must be sure about your need. There are various types of ACs available for you to choose from. You can buy a portable AC which will be easier to carry within the rooms or to take it to somewhere else. There is no such need for any installation. Window AC is another option which needs an installation. It can be fitted in a window frame and is perfect for you if you are having small rooms.

Next type is Split AC which can be good for a fairly big room and is more efficient. You don’t require something like a window frame, it can be fitted anywhere in your room. But they may cost you a bit higher than the previous two.

You must get a perfect AC for your room size. The ratings are in ‘tonnage’ for ACs. You must consider the ‘square foot area’ while choosing.

80-q. feet = 0.75 ton
80-120 sq. feet = 1 ton
120-180 sq. feet = 1.5 ton.

2-ton, 5-ton and other ratings are also available.


You can check for the ratings of Indian
Seasoned Energy Efficient Ratio(ISEER) while choosing the best AC for you. More the number of stars more will be the AC efficient and thus, will lower the electricity bills. You may find two models with almost all the specifications being the same but, their price might be different due to different star ratings.

4. Other Features

● You also have options for ACs with ‘Inverter Technology’ which are faster and do not make much noise.

● Condenser Coil- Generally, copper ones are better than the aluminium which are cheaper.

● Some are also equipped with an inbuilt heater that can act as both cooling and heating appliances.

● Dehumidifier, antibacterial filter, dust filter, Wi-Fi connectivity are some other things to look at.


With so many options, you must make sure that you get the best in your budget range. Get proper information before visiting the showroom.

Hope this buying guide about the best AC in India helped you.

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