Trick Trivia Challenge Games for Children



Children all over the world have a solid knack to enjoy tricky games that challenge their resolve and boost the adrenaline. One such type of games is the Trick Trivia games played in different parts of the world. Some of these games are played occasionally while most of the games are played by children irrespective of time and place. 

This article outlines and describes some of the world’s renowned Trick Trivia Challenge Games for Children. 


1. Halloween Trick or Treat Game


Considered to be one of the best trick games in the world, this Halloween Trick or Treat Challenge is a treat for children. Although this game is only limited to a certain occasion, but Children find this game as an opportunity to dress up as their favorite fictional character to roam around the town and ask people for candy. 

Especially because of this occasion, a number of homes have candy stored for children coming to their homes. In case a home does not have candy for the children, this game requires the children to play a trick with the people of that house in a naughty manner. Typically, children like to dress up as haunted and scary characters and throw bathroom wipes on the homes who do not give them candy or chocolates. Details of this game are available on the official meebly website. 


2. Harry Potter Quiz Game


The famous Harry Potter quiz game is another popular trick game that is played worldwide by Harry Potter fans. This game is a litmus test of the true Harry Potter fans in the world as it has multiple questions testing the knowledge of the players. 

As Harry Potter story is fundamentally a story of secrecy, love, betrayal, magic, and legacy, this game has multiple trick trivia challenges which are to be tackled. The players have to vigilant as their questions and answers are can reflect their overall standing in the game. 

In addition to this, this game provides players with an opportunity to learn about the basic emotions in life. It engraves a subtle sense of maturity in the players as they go about making their decisions. You can find the details of this game on official meebily


3. Disney Trick or Trivia Games


Disney shows and animated cartoon have been quite popular in the past few decades. This is reason behind the growing recognition of Disney Trick and Trivia Games around the world. These games are considered to be the best way of experiencing ultimate fun and joy for children. They provide children with a chance to explore their favorite Disney characters, and use them to win the game in their favor. There are multiple Disney games you can choose from including the quiz questions about Halloween as well. All such questions are available on official meebly website.

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