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CJ Vibez

CJ Vibez has slowly but surely become an internet sensation. Many of us wonder “Who is CJ Vibez?” Born in the infamous Brooklyn borough of New York. Corey L Jordan better known by his artist name CJ Vibez is arguably one of the upcoming artists to look out for. Starting from humble beginnings, at the young age of 15 years old he fell in love with the camera. Now Corey Jordan has turned into him building a lucrative career. Videos of him acting on his YouTube channel dates to about 5 years. However, his videos started taking off when he danced in the street like Michael Jackson on the famous Madison Ave street located in the heart of the city New York. The video went viral on Instagram and has over 1 million views!

Some of you may know CJ Vibez his motto, “You know The Vibez.” And it is clear he lives true to that. As a follower of his Instagram, you will see a few aspects of his day to day life. He also has videos where he takes a tiny break from music and show playful moments with his family and friends. You will also notice this young man is always on his grind. Being one of his supporters you can check out vibe walk (wrong one) on all streaming platforms, and although his name is steady growing, he never neglects to show his appreciation to those who continue to support him.

Recently CJ Vibez was asked, “how did he know what he was meant to do?  What dream should he chase?” he simply expressed, “you know the vibes and you never know where life is going to take you”. A graduate from Paul Robeson (Business and technology), I am sure Acting/host/internet sensation did not pop up on the list of plausible occupations. However, he stayed true to himself and his dreams. I think it is safe to say life is taking him to great heights! The day we get to interview this talent will be a great one. Just like you, we also have questions upon questions for the man behind the man! We cannot wait to see more material from CJ Vibez as he continues to grow his craft and brand!

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