How Erectile Dysfunction is Tested and Diagnosed in Australia?



Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has become a common problem in men above forty years of age and these numbers are increasing day by day. Erectile dysfunction is the problem in which a male experiences some form of problem in keeping their penis erect long enough to have intercourse with their partner. This condition could be induced in males due to numerous reasons. ED can be triggered through stress and can be an indication of an unidentified medical condition. Where companies such as Oz Meds Online have introduced medication for erectile dysfunction there is still a lot of confusion about its testing and diagnosis method.

Testing Erectile Dysfunction:

To diagnose the reason behind your erectile dysfunction you are bound to go through some form of testing. Mostly your physician would ask you a series of questions about the development and severity of the problems you are facing with erection. Therefore, you need to keep track of when you started to experience the symptoms of the problem. All these answers and information you provide to your doctor are important for your diagnosis. It is very common among patients of erectile dysfunction to have a preexisting condition. Many medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and depression could lead to the development of erectile dysfunction. As there can be boundless reasons behind the development of erectile dysfunction so your physician is bound to ask you about your previous medical history.

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Most of the people finding talking openly about such issues difficult therefore doctors have designed questionnaires. These questionnaires can be very extensive however mostly they are linked with your penis erection and history. They might ask you about some personal information some of these questions are listed below

  • How often you feel aroused?
  • Does an intimate experience with your partner is satisfying for you?
  • How confident you are being in a relationship?

Asking these questions and talking about these topics in person can be very embarrassing and might even be considered taboo in our society. Therefore, the doctors have designed these questionnaires for your comfort but you need to remember nothing that your physician deals with such cases daily and you have no reason to be embarrassed.

Examination Techniques:

There are different types of examination techniques associated with erectile dysfunction. many men just Buy Generic Levitra Vilitra 460mg when they hear about a physical exam. Where these medications have proven to be very helpful but there use for some people could very dangerous. For example, people who are unaware of a certain heart condition they have are not recommended these medications. Therefore, going through a physical exam and some lab tests is the right approach. The doctor would conduct an exam that would test the sensation and erection of your penis under an aroused condition. They would ask for your urine and blood samples to test your cholesterol level and to find underlying diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and any other medical condition that could lead to erectile dysfunction.

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