Cancer Horoscope and Love Compatibility



Cancer sun sign is symbolized by the Crab. They are very dependable people and are warm and hospitable. Know all about Cancerians and their best love compatibility.


They are extremely protective about their loved ones. Their homes will be nest-like, a cosy spot they like to retreat to after the stresses of life.


They have a powerful memory and many hold crystal-clear memories of their childhood. They enjoy reliving their memories in vivid detail. 


This can be a double-edged sword because they also remember bad treatment shown to them. 


During childhood, it may take longer to wean them away from dependence on parents. They usually form a strong attachment with their mothers.

Cancerian Love Matching and Relationships


Cancerians can be highly moody and rather sulky. Many of them suffer from a deep-seated inferiority complex.


 They also feel slighted because of imagined insults. They can be rather tactless which will affect their interpersonal relationships. 


Their personal relationships can be an oxymoron, a mixture of toughness and softness.



Cancer sun sign with Pisces, Scorpio and Aquarius.


Sex and Cancerians


Sex with Cancerians can be like a slow dance but one can gradually build them up to a stunning crescendo. Cancerians have plenty of sexual fantasies. They are highly intuitive and this makes them discern their spouse’s feelings and tastes. They enjoy being made love to.


They make very loyal partners and they give far more than they expect. They will be very devoted to the family. Physical fitness is usually high priority for them.


They are intrigued by objects that have a history attached to them, this makes them avid collectors of antiques, photos and souvenirs.


 They love to accumulate stuff. Nature is also a big draw for them. Sowing seeds and watching them grow or observing nature feature high on their likes.


Cancer Careers


They possess considerable literary, artistic or oratorical talent and this makes them ideal to be journalists, writers, artists or politicians.


 However, in these careers, they are likely to stay in the background rather than rise to seats of power. 


They will fare well in public affairs where they will serve others. They have a yen for business and trade and this could make them successful businesspersons and industrialists. With their love for ancient things, they could make good antique dealers. They can be good psychics too. They will make good doctors and nurses too.


Health and the Cancer Horoscope


Cancerians are prone to breast cancer, piles, dropsy, coughs, eye problems and varicose veins, digestive disorders other stomach related problems.


Cancer Quick Facts


Date:  June 22 to July 22


Symbol: Crab.


Ruling Planet: Moon.


Cancer Love Compatibility and Romance Match: Cancer is considered best compatible with Pisces, Scorpio and Aquarius.


Zodiac Element: Water

Colors: Silver, white

Birthstone: Ruby.


Famous Cancer Women Celebrities: Jessica Simpson, Princess Diana, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Harris, Bridgitt Nielsen


Famous Cancer Men Celebrities: Tom Cruise, Ernest Hemingway, Sylvester Stallone, Mike Tyson, Tom Hanks

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