What is HTTP error when uploading images to WordPress and How to Fix It?



The Fact can’t deny that WordPress is the world’s largest and most popular Content Management System Because It comprises a wide range of valuable tools and features. WordPress reveals a remarkable job of keeping things uncomplicated and secure. Still, it is a proven fact that WordPress gives some Errors, like Error Establishing Database Connection, http error 500 wordpress , Sometimes you came across HTTP Error While Uploading Images to WordPress Media Library, which are frustrating and annoying.


Have you seen this error before?

We know that people like visual content because” A picture is worth a thousand words.” If you face this Error, which makes your website unfriendly and awful, so you must urge eliminate this error. Read this article, which provides you with a high awareness of this error.

What is HTTP Error While Uploading Images?

HTTP Error is a code in WordPress which Alarms that something went wrong during a file upload process. 

“while uploading images to WordPress media library using a built-in Media Library tool, this error is termed as WordPress HTTP error when uploading images.”

What is the cause of HTTP Error While Uploading Images?

We know that WordPress is unable to find out the actual cause of the error. Before fixing, It is compulsory to figure out the leading cause of this error. There are many reasons which can be the root of this error which are as follows,

  • Wrong File Name: As the name suggests a wrong file name also cause the error like any colons in the file name.
  • Due To Plugins Issue: When you install a new, WP plugin and you face this error. It may be a chance that plugins might be causing the issue or hindering the media upload that causes this error.
  • Memory Limit Issue: It may be a chance that your WordPress memory is low. Due to a shortage of memory, Media Library is showing HTTP Error While Uploading Images.
  • Wrong File Permission: In WordPress, File permission allows CMS to add new content directly with ease. Its Numeric values should set at 744 or 755. If this value is changed or wrong due to this, it shows a new gallery, which is also HTTP Error.
  • Theme Issue: Same as a plugin; when you changed the different themes and observed that HTTP Error is showing, then the theme might be the cause of this error.
  • Due To Old WP Version: Sometimes WP version found Old and the hosting provider didn’t upgrade version, which may also cause this error..

How To Fix Error HTTP Error While Uploading Images?

These are the different methods to fix http error when uploading images to WordPress;

Refresh The Page:

If you face this error the first time, you might be able to fix it in friction of seconds. If this error is just because of a temporary Internet problem, expired login session then after refreshing the page or pressing the F5 key, you get this ;

After the error is just because of this, then it allows you to upload the images

Rename The File:

Sometimes you insert special characters or files with identical names, which may be the cause of this error to resolve it. You must make your habit that you must not enter letters like an apostrophe or dashes because they can break your site and cause uploading error. When you rename it, then you can upload an image and error disappear if this was just due to this.

Fix Through PHP Memory:

To fix this Error through Increasing php memory limits, we can use two ways;

  1. Navigate through cPanel and locate PHP Editor, in the PHP Editor we, can change the PHP Memory By inserting (512 or 256 M) and apply ok.
  2. You can change the memory limit by adding the subsequent line in the wp-config.Php file.

define ( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);

After adding this line, refresh the page, and The Error will disappear. If error persists again, then you must follow the next methods.

Fix through Folder Permission:

Follow these postulates to check file permission;

  • First of all, open FTP and navigate to the wp-content and then upload,
  • And check that numeric value should be 744 or 755. If it is something else, then change it.
  • In the change file attributes, click on the Recourse into subdirectories and apply to all files and directories and then hit ok.

  • After changing permission, you will get rid of this error; otherwise, follow the next method.

Error Due To Plugin

  • Access to the dashboard and deactivate all plugins.
  • Go on the page and refresh it, If error expires then deactivate plugins one by one and find that one plugin which is the cause of HTTP Error While Uploading Images.

Note: If you figure out that culprit, then Never forget to delete this plugin.

Check Your Theme:

wise follow the different steps.

Miscellaneous Methods:

  • Check the version of WordPress
  • Install add from server plugin
  • Ask your host provider

Final Words:

Facing the HTTP Error While Uploading Image To WordPress is not best for feelings. So, we explain deeply about this error and confidently can say that using these steps, you can figure out your problem and solve it within no time. For more information please contact wordpresserror500.com.

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