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Passive income is all the buzz. Everyone talks about it like it’s nothing but a piece of cake and making massive amounts in side income is a child’s play. Sure, it makes sense for people who have succeeded in making a profitable side business to talk about passive income. But how are others talking about it too? Is making money on the side so easy? The fact of the matter is that if you follow in the footsteps of those who have done it before, you’re sure to find success and rave about passive income too. Wondering how? The answer is Kindle Cash Flow.

This is a comprehensive DVD program that teaches you how to scale a side business and make solid money by means of kindle publishing. The program is centered around writing, publishing, and selling books to help you develop a reliable income stream so that you don’t have to struggle to make ends meet. All this is a process. You can’t just hit publish and expect money to roll in. This is where this program comes into use. It holds you by the hand and walks you through each step of the publishing process so that you’ll be selling profitable and successful eBooks in no time. This is a simple wifi profit program that anyone can take advantage of. 

Kindle Cash Flow is a video-based program that can change your monetary outlook in no time. It is masterminded by Ty Cohen, author, speaker, and an influential internet marketer who is known for writing super valuable books. Essentially, Cohen comes from a poor background.

He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he had to work a mediocre job for most of his life. Until one day, he hacked into a profitable side income and left his job to publish eBooks on Kindle and make a substantial income stream full-time.

In fact, very early on in his endeavor, Cohen was able to make $2000 in income easily. In this program, he teaches his followers, students, and those who are inspired by him how to make money by the same process that he has found success with.

The program is structured in a way that it explains each aspect of the publishing and money making process thoroughly. By the end of it, you feel ready to take your next steps and get the money ball rolling. What’s more, the program is explained in simple language, which makes it further easy to understand and follow for your own success.

What Does The Program Cover?

Kindle Cash Flow is an in-depth program on making a side income by publishing eBooks on kindle. This program is successful for two main reasons:

i. The program explains things in video format. This format is easy to consume and simple to understand. Extensive text content can leave you confused at some time or the other. But that’s not the case with videos. Since this program is based on videos, the delivery format makes the program super easy to follow.

ii. The program taps into a hot trend for money making. The fact of the matter is that eBooks are trending in the present times. Gone are the days when publishing was a matter preserved by publishing giants. Now self-publishing is easy and eBooks are a preferred content format. This adds up as another reason why this program is worth investing. Interested folks may also check out 12 minute affiliate program which could possibly be another work from home income stream. 

As for the content of this program, here is what you will find inside:

1. Getting Started

This is the introductory chapter of this program that covers all the basics of the process and how to get going in the first place.

2. Kindling for Profits

This is the second DVD that walks you through the fundamentals of the writing process. It helps you identity your target audience or who your readers are and talks about the writing process. You will also be in a better place of understanding what a niche is and how you can pick one. Lastly, this section of the course shares details of how you can publish an eBook where it is a fiction or non-fiction book.

3. Attracting Buyers

Let’s be clear, you can’t make real money unless you have some real buyers, which is where this third DVD comes to your rescue. It outlines the process of finding customers, designing a book cover, and getting press attention. It also guides you on pricing your book, getting reviews for your work, and even choosing a pen name for yourself.

4 – Advanced Readers

In the fourth DVD, the program steers into advanced techniques for scaling your money making process. One example tip from this DVD is outsourcing content creation or the writing part of your book. The program teaches you how to outsource if you are not interested in creating content yourself. So you can get a fair share of writing, branding, and marketing tips from this DVD.

5 – Beyond Kindle

This DVD shares strategies to the publishing process and also explains how you can use other platforms alongside kindle for publishing eBooks.

6 – Multiply your Income

This is the last, bonus DVD which shares the publication aspect of the process on Nook and iBooks. It also highlights how you can make offline income as well as how to turn your eBooks into physical copies.


There is also an additional Strategy Guide with Kindle Cash Flow that gives you an action plan moving forward. You can also join the program’s private Facebook community, where you can discuss the course with others.

Plus, get two more freebies with this program:

  • Forty hours of time with a virtual assistant
  • The Google Kindle Crunch Course


In short, Kindle Cash Flow leaves you armed with extensive, in-depth knowledge for planning, writing, designing the book cover, publishing, and marketing eBooks. You will also learn to figure out your niche and readers. All this comes with a money back guarantee so your purchase is protected.

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