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There are a lot of ways of hunting some people like to camouflage themselves and hide in the bushes to target and hunt. Some like to so it on the back of horses and some enjoy it in vehicles. Some nature loving people who like to enjoy the fruit of their patience, go for bow hunting.

Bow hunting is a hunting technique as old as any. You hide on trees, wait in bushes and wait for your prey to get closer so you can make your mark. If you come from a family of hunters, then you already know the thrill of having your prize at the end of the game. And if you are just starting to explore more about this fun hobby, you will definitely enjoy it if you have the right devices to help with the task.

As important as it is to have bow and arrow for bow hunting, it’s also necessary to have a strong climbing stand that you can rely on.

When you are waiting on a tree patiently for the right time, there can be many things that can cause problem. A bush that is holding your weight for too long can break. Standing tight can make you tired and you definitely don’t want to slip and fall and be a victim of carelessness. A good climbing stand will help you with long hours of waiting. You can enjoy the calm nature, good environment and soft chirping of birds and insects, if your mind is relaxed knowing that you have a reliable support to sit on for however long you want.

What are Climbing Tree Stands?

Climbing tree stands are made for the purpose of tree hunting to help the hunters climb any straight tree and provide them with stability and comfort. These stands help the hunter to stay active and focused even while resting and provide an upward lift so they can have a clear view of the prey.

These tree stands are also known among hunters as deer stands. These are attached to the trees and strapped tight to hold the weight of the hunter. These bow hunting stands have a base part and a seat on which the hunter can sit and wait. These tree stands not only provide a better vantage point, they are also camouflaged so you can easily mix up with the surrounding for a better strategy.

Types of tree stands:

There are many types of tree stands. You can choose any of them according to your needs.

Hanging stand:

Hanging sands are attached to the tree with the help of chains, cables or ropes. These tree climbing stands are portable and lightweight so you can fold them and carry them easily.

Ladder stand:

These stands are bigger and provide a lot of platform to move up and down to get a good view. They have ladders and also come with seat.

These tree stands provide sturdy support as they rest against the tree and the ground. These stands can also bear the weight of two persons.

Box stands:

These are enclosed stands with hanging ladders. You can enter the box when it is raised from the ground using the ladders or steps. These stands are generally made of lumber wood.

They provide safety from the weather and also a great escape from the climate.


Factors to consider before buying a climbing stand

There are some things you need to make sure while buying a climbing stand so you can get the best product according to your needs.


The first thing you need to consider when buying a hunting stand is the size. You will need to measure the surrounding in which you are going hunting to make sure that if there is the thickness of trees, your hunting stand can fit in the space.

You will also need to measure the size of the tree bark and your own weight and height to make sure that the stand you are buying can support your weight and you can sit in it easily for hours.


If you want to have a successful hunt, you need to make sure that your stand provides you with comfort. The seat, the back and strength of the stand should be comfortable.

The hanging stand should also be noise proof so the game doesn’t startle when you move.


A good seat belt and strong hold on the support should really be a top priority when you are buying a hunting stand as you might be 15 feet above the ground. When you are at this height, you don’t want to be concerned or worried about the fear of falling.


If you want to pursue the hobby of hunting for a long time, you need to invest in a durable gear. You need to consider the materials used in the production to make sure that the seat will not be torn or flattened by all that long hours sitting. You will also want to make sure that the belt or chains would not be damaged.

Ease of setting the stand:

You need to buy a stand that is easy to install. If you go for a stand that needs screws and joints, you will have to work for a long time to set it up. You will want to invest in a stand that can be set up quickly.

Ease of climbing:

The whole point of having a tree stand is to get up the tree with ease. You will need to by a stand that provides easy reach so you don’t fall in an effort to get up there. Best stands come with ladder of stairs to climb up easily. You can use tree branches to get up on trees too.

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