Hands-on Checklist to Pack for Oktoberfest 2020


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This year has been tough. Especially with the lockdowns and hectic work from home routines. Sipping on a cup of warm tea, thinking of the year, we’re sure you are still fantasizing about this year’s most awaited event, the Oktoberfest.  Well, get going then and start your preparations to enjoy the year’s most extraordinary festival of food and beer and all that is essentially German.

If you haven’t already, look up the best places to get hold of the tickets for Oktoberfest 2020 too, you don’t want to be too late to do the most basic of things first.  Plus, it is best to have basic preps done and out of the way before you begin sorting out your other essential items to have fun at the German extravaganza.

Oktoberfest 2020 Official Dates

So the dates have been released and so has the official fest poster. 2020 Oktoberfest is all set to happen September 19th to October 4th  in Munich, Germany. And while you are prepping up for the 187th round of this cultural magnificence, also check out all the attractions you can enjoy.

Yes, pretzels, beer and roasts are definitely there but there’s a lot more you need to list up to have the most comfortable experience. For more details and updates by the official forum.

What to pack for Oktoberfest 2020?

Believe it or not, this would go a long way in helping you packing up hassle free later.

1.      What to wear?

Did you know that the Oktoberfest was originally a celebration of the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese to which all the citizens of Munich were invited in an open meadow? With over 6 million tourists attending the folk funfair, you don’t want to look out of place and not wear the traditional German Lederhosen and Drindl.

You would definitely have a lot of on-ground options to buy from once you reach the land of the Wiesn. But really, why spend much more when the prices would be sky rocketing and little time on hand while you might as well be enjoying the fest itself.

Here’s a where you can order the most authentic, high quality, genuine leather Lederhosen and trendiest yet traditionally styled Drindl gowns. We give you access to the genuine leather Lederhosen variety as well as the accessories to go along with it, ranging from the bright Bavarian shirts to boots. You can be absolutely sure of dressing up in the real traditional German outfit.

The range of Drindl dresses is sure to make you heart skip a beat with a variety of cotton and silk aprons, color options to choose from  and all representative of a modern yet culturally rich sense of style. Pair them up with buns and chignons with fresh flowers in the hair and light jewelry to complement your natural beauty. Just hold on till we reveal the collection of accessories that we promise, would set your heart to making Lederhosen Store the only brand of choice for your Oktoberfest Trachten shopping.

We recommend that you never compromise on the quality of your purchase, especially when it is for the year’s most awaited, one of its kind occasion. Once the delivery’s in hand, take your time to try your authentic lederhosen or the Drindl dress on and set the look to stun your mates on the D-day. Also, genuine leather sits well according to the figure when worn a couple of times, why not make the best use of the time before travel.

2.      Your safety gear

The weather at the Munich is known to be fairly unpredictable. It would kill half the fun if you’re cold with the gusts of chilly wind in rain or exposed to the bright sun without any backup in hand. Just don’t forget to tag along a few basics which are mostly hanging around your house already

  • Water proof light jacket
  • Small, foldable umbrella
  • Sun block
  • Sun glasses
  • Water flask with an ice pack

3.      Real money

The past decade or two have seen tremendous growth and acceptance of the plastic money instead of hard cash. And why not, when it makes life so much easier and cash less.

At even the 2020 Oktoberfest though, please, let go of some of that comfort and carry hard cash.  Most tents and stalls accept either cash or a German debit card only, save yourself the hassle of roaming around looking for and ATM while you might as well be dancing to the German tunes.

4.      Dry Shampoo

You do plan to spend most part of your trip enjoying at the festival rather than out of it, don’t you? Make your life easier, clean up those hair with a quick fix dry shampoo to look as chic as you did on day one.

5.      Deodorants & Perfumes

A must have if you really want to have a stench free time at the festival without having to waste time in washing and drying your very authentic Trachten. Easy fix to spare others of the possible stink too! If you are found of drinking though, better keep a backup extra dress ready too. Sales can be the best time of the year to buy this extra set! You can still make the best of it by ordering sales items here.

6.      Gadgets

  • Smartphone
  • charger
  • Power-bank
  • Converter plug in case the switch boards sockets do not support your charger plug

Here’s your list of tech items sorted! A camera would be a good add on, especially if you prefer professional quality captures of your amazing tour. But a Smartphone could be a smart choice for photography, uploading and sharing, all in one.

7.      Gloves & face mask

Yes, we are as optimistic as you are about the current state of affairs with the COVID-19. To be safe still, carry disposable gloves and masks for use at the event.  In any case, these would serve you well against general dust allergies too.

8.      Hand wash & sanitizer

Hygiene and cleanliness, always first. You would be exposed to a huge lot of people, too much food to enjoy, too many group dances to hop to. Take an extra step and ensure yours and other people’s safety by using hand wash and sanitizer, especially before eating.

9.      Venue map

This, is your silent guide. Keep it on hand to make sure you don’t lose track of your position or that of your partner at the massive gathering of Wiesn enthusiasts.

10.  Light carrying bag

Last but not the least, get hold of a carry bag or a back pack for all the items you are carrying to the fest. Remember, travelling light, it travelling right. Make the right choices in what size of items to carry as you might not be allowed in with the bag if it exceeds a certain allowed limit.

Update us with your preps for Oktoberfest 2020. Did the checklist come in handy? Any more things that make your tour and trips even more comfy? We would love to see your pictures from the fest and other places you visited while in Germany.

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