PSD to WordPress Conversion – Why Professionals Recommend it?



Formulating and designing a theme on Photoshop ensures an added touch of elegance for your website. Although converting your theme from PSD to WordPress can seem chaotic, an expert at this conversion process can save you a significant amount of time and the risk of messing up your website. The fact that WordPress has been developing and up-scaling its features and plans constantly is leaving its fellow competitors in the shadows and gathering the highest number of users. Running your PSD file through conversion software is always an option, but your output can have poor pixelation and poor compatibility with other browsers. 

Manual coding although harder should be the go-to option. WordPress already allows users to build a fully interactive, user-friendly, and responsive design. Imagine how much cooler can your site look with a high-end theme that precisely suits your domain of expertise? Professionals would always suggest that WordPress users go down the route of making their own theme on Photoshop and then figuring out the conversion process themselves. Once you understand such a process, the whole pipeline becomes simpler to follow and this knowledge can be used in the future too.

Professional WordPress website designers are the legends at performing one of the most important processes in WordPress development services, PSD to WordPress conversion. We have curated a few vital points that coders assure, are executed, to get the best out of your website –


  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Code – Just as people work hard on optimizing their blogs, articles and other textual content with SEO, the same emphasis is laid on code. Coders can help you rank higher in search engines by fully-optimizing the code behind your website. Due to the constantly evolving rules and regulations of SEO, an expert is needed at times to keep up with the trend.



  • Manual Coding – Automated coding maybe error-free because of software intelligence, but many nitty-gritty elements are missed out that could help the user build an even more effective and top-notch website. Manual coding, on the other hand, can prove to be exceptional if all the requirements and objectives are brought to light clearly before the project begins. A software can never match the ‘reality-factor’ that a programmer offers.



  • Cross-Browser Compatibility – This is a crucial factor that is left out when you use a conversion software to bring to life your PSD theme in WordPress. Conversion software simply converts your design but proves quite useless in allowing the theme to work on several unique browsers. Surfers of the internet use dozens of different browsers and you want to ensure that your content can be a part of everybody’s life. Whether it’s Yahoo, Google, Mozilla or smartphone web browsers – the coder has got your back.



  • Semantic Coding – In order to make a website safe, legit and a trustworthy source of information, the semantics at the backend are highly important. Even simply converting a website to WordPress involves a mandatory focus on HTML tags that are in sync with the content that your website is offering to its users. Even alt tags on images, backlinks, title tags, and meta-description tags are critical to helping a website rank higher in the search engine results page (SERPs).



  • Perfect Pixelation – Automated conversion software is not adept in providing a perfectly pixilated outcome. Manual coders, on the other hand, are capable of building any design, irrespective of the weightage in code and desired features. Speaking of pixelation, manual coders are permitted to repeatedly refurnish their code until they achieve their desired level of pixelation. Perfection is now an attribute that can be achieved.



  • Versatility – Once you have gone down the path of automated coding software for conversion, you will face innumerable difficulties in the future when you need to alter code for necessary changes. Hiring a WordPress conversion expert would substantially increase your costs, making it a pain to perform changes, if needed. But manual coding offers the flexibility to make required changes as and when necessary as the website developer would have a better idea of what is placed where (this also evades the high costs factor).



  • W3C Validation – This factor is essential to ensure that your WordPress website is legitimate. Including automated code can populate your code with small errors that prove difficult to terminate and spot at a later date. Factors such as these errors can easily steal your website’s trustworthiness and lose its W3C validation. But, the manual coding technique has it in its power to stop this problem from arising. Double and triple checking to verify that the code is free of all errors can be done by a coder. This ensures the authenticity, safety, and trustworthiness of your WordPress website.


If you want to have a fully-customizable theme that includes specific color combinations and font types that suit your business theme and style, then photoshop is where you want to begin. The flexibility offered in building a theme on photoshop is unmatchable by any other editing software. Also, the PSD to WordPress conversion process has been carried out by a large number of website users and you can trust the legitimacy of such executions.

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