Top 5 Chocolate Cakes for your Grand Celebrations


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Top 5 Chocolate Cakes for your Grand Celebrations

Chocolate has been winning the hearts of people for years and will always, there is no doubt in that. Now, whatever the occasion is, they are always in the top priority in the list. Seeing the popularity of chocolates, they have been converted into cakes by cake experts and are very much liked by people of every age. The double joy of cake and chocolate cake win anyone’s heart quickly and thus, when people order cake online Ghaziabad, chocolate cakes are definitely there in the top choice list. 

What do you think about chocolate cake? Is there only a simple cake with chocolate toppings or shavings? No, there are diverse collections of chocolate cakes that are ready to hit your little and grand celebrations vibes with their magical appearance. Here in this article, we are going to talk about everyone’s sweet delicacy — the chocolate cake and their different versions for every special moment of yours. 

Chocolate Truffle Cake

A simple and plain chocolate sponge is called a simple chocolate cake. The chocolate truffle is a layer cake recipe with dense, moist, and silky truffle frosting and chocolate flakes. There is a very delicious and dark sponge with cocoa powder that is always an ideal option for any kind of party. This cake has 3 layers of chocolate truffle sauce in it, 2 layers in between and one on the top for decoration. Once those want more layers of this cake, they can go accordingly and get their desired layer of truffle cake. Try it, and you will know why it tops everyone’s list!

Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake

If you are about to send cake online to your friends or loved ones, then just try a Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake. The receiver will surely get a new experience of chocolate cake which will gratify their taste buds amazingly. Chocolate plus coffee equals absolute joy. A moist soft and decadent chocolate dessert with just the right amount of mocha, this cake is a pleasure for all the coffee lovers out there. This will not make your celebration a memorable one but also make you get appraisals from your guests and beloved ones. Just try approaching the celebration with this delicious cake and see the magic that happens. 

Chocolate Rum Cake

It is easy to bake a cake that you can make yourself at home by taking help from various tutorials. This sweet version consists of vanilla, maple syrup, and a coffee touch topped with a smooth layer of chocolate rum frosting. Perfect for special anniversaries and dinner parties. If you are planning for a family gathering party, reunion with close friends or get together with officemates, then this cake will be an ideal dessert that you can take after your meal. The sweet yet tasty chocolate version will not only add the new colours to your function but also make it a memorable one gathering for all of you. 

Chocolate Lava Cake

Looking for online cake delivery in noida and confused about what cake you should choose for? Go for chocolate lava cake. This is also known as a happy cheer cake and sent by people most for making their near and dear ones happier. Maybe, its popularity is the reason that they are found in various or almost every restaurant’s menu. Sweet and hot, this cake is just the right dessert for the cold or rainy weather. It consists of delightful, warm molten chocolate that oozes out when you cut the cake. It is mainly a favourite treat for every kid. 

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake 

Have you ever tasted cake with sour cream? Never tasted chocolate cake with sour cream? This cake is perfect for the chocolate lover who likes a little twist when it comes to cake flavours and wants to try something new and unique. You can even have it for birthday celebrations as a pleasant surprise. Once you try this cake, we bet, you will be addicted to it and will always find whatever the occasion is nearing. 

If you are a chocolate lover and fond of unique chocolate cake, then you must try all the listed cakes we mentioned above. Once you try one of these cakes, you will surely have a desire to try this again. 

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