Timeless Style: How to Match a Watch With Your #OOTD


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Fashion rules do not just apply on clothes alone but also to accessories including your watch. We understand that observing rules when matching your watch with your outfit may sound a little too much. However, failure to follow proper watch-matching can wreak havoc on your style. 

Imagine a man in a formal black-tie event with all the poise, style, and posture that can grab everyone’s attention. But, as he put his wrist up to check the time, you see his watch with a rubber strap that turns his total outfit into a FAILURE!

Suddenly, we’re amazed by how powerful a wrist watch can be that it can either make or break an outfit. Thus, it all makes plenty of sense why most gents prefer owning more than one watch of different styles in order to complement their outfit with a relevant timepiece. Remember, with gentlemen’s limited jewelry, watches receive the most attention. 

Here’s our watch-matching rules you need to follow; otherwise, you’re missing out the whole point of expressing yourself through fashion.

Rule #1: Observe formality.

When it comes to formal styling, the simpler the watch — the better! You can wear either an analog or a mechanical watch but never ever match digital with the formality of your outfit. Stick to a default dress watch that should come with a plain white face, instead of a plate with intricate designs, and a slim black leather band to serve you well on black-tie events. Also, take note of the watch size that should stick around 36 to 40 millimeters in diameter. 

You can also opt for metal watches in a formal event but there’s one important rule for this. The only time that a metal watch is considered formal is when it’s made of precious minerals such as gold, silver, platinum, and aluminum.         

Rule #2: Casual Attire? Opt for analog or digital.

Finding the right watch for a casual attire is a lot easier since you have a more relaxed approach to it. You can choose between an analog or a digital watch with any color of your choice for the watch face, as long as it compliments the tone of your outfit. 

When it comes to sportswear, you can follow most of the same rules for casual attire but never, ever wear a dress watch with your jogger clothes on.      

Rule #3: When in doubt, match-watch with your shoes. 

Aside from events and occasions, you can also decide on what type of watch to wear based on the shoes you’re wearing. For example, a formal event does not only accept black as a default right choice. Men can also wear brown shoes, which is why some leather bands come in interchangable features — one in black and one in brown for each set of watch. This way, you can match your watch to the colour of your dress shoes. 

For casual shoes in black, grey, silver, and blue shades, silver watches make a perfect match. Whereas, gold watches go with shoes in brown, beige, tans, sage, and other earth hues.   

Rule #4: An heirloom can violate the rules. 

There is a great exemption to a timeless heirloom as it represents a legacy. Heirlooms are timeless pieces that you don’t just wear based on the latest trends or fashions. More than that, wearing an heirloom is like a reminder of an important family history and culture. These are gifts that the family members honour and pass on through the next generations. 

Bonus Tip:  

The size of your watch should be proportionate to your body. For tall and slim men, choose watches with thin bands, while bigger gents can pull out watches with boxier and more robust faces.

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