Nitin Khanna, an Indian-American Entrepreneur and CEO, is Involved in Many Philanthropic Activities for the Community of Oregon



Nitin Khanna, an Indian-American entrepreneur and CEO, is being appreciated for his charity work for the community of Oregon. Nitin Khanna is a part of several charity initiatives and he is supporting many meaningful charity endeavors. He is supporting the charity, Feeding Kids in My Backyard to help provide school-going poor kids with a sufficient supply of food during weekdays and weekends.

Over the last several years, his team has been providing 25% of the budget for the charity, Feeding Kids in My Backyard. Through this charity, kids who get free lunch at school also manage to have meals at other times in the day.Nitin Khanna is not just supporting it with money but his employees are also providing sufficient time and space to help it operate effectively

In addition to this, Nitin Khanna has also contributed to The Initiative, an accelerator program, business bootcamp, and funding resource that is designed to offer support for female-founded cannabis businesses. Nitin Khanna himself acts as an advisor to help enthusiastic females run their operations. In addition to this, the Indian American entrepreneur and CEO, is helping the charitable endeavor, Possible Plan, with his visionary thinking as well as initial funding.

Possible Plan was started by Nitin Khanna and his team with the funding of $500,000 and it has now become an independent 503cc charity. The motive of this charity endeavor is to protect the incarceration of those involved in low-level non-violent marijuana crimes. Nitin Khanna was also a part of the Classic Wine Auction, a charity initiative to support different charities for the benefit of children.

Whenever he gets an opportunity, he takes part in charity work to help needykids facing issues of hunger, skill development, and shelter. Initially, Nitin Khanna started his entrepreneurial journey by founding his firm Saber Software that he sold to EDS for $460MM in 2007. Nitin Khanna is serving as the founder & CEO of Cura Cannabis Solutions that he established in 2016 and he is also the founder & CEO of MergerTech, a boutique tech investment bank.

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