Jupiter in Capricorn 2020




Jupiter moves into your solar ninth house. The next year is truly the time to expand your horizons, take new risks, and explore your faith and convictions. Maybe it’s time to take that trip overseas, learn about new cultures and discover new opportunities. In many instances, during the year you will have an element of luck working on your behalf. You might also tap into your philanthropic tendencies, and find ways to help those less fortunate. When we look around, become more aware of the big world, we typically realize how good we have it. The true essence of Jupiter is about doing good deeds.


Taurus April 

Jupiter moves into your solar eighth house this week, which represents sharing our resources with someone else. Those things are our partner’s money/income, the mortgage we share with the bank, the insurance we have taken out with the insurance company and the obligations we have toward others—paying taxes, supporting someone else, etc. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, thus if your debts outweigh your assets, you now have a year to balance things out. It is a great time to make your money grow. Over the next year, you may also be asked to make a strong commitment in a partnership—applies to both emotional and business relationships.



During the years when Jupiter resides in our house of relationships, we meet all kinds of new people, who can enrich our lives. Some of them can sell us the ‘ London Bridge ‘ by being so persuasive and enthusiastic, and others can help us make ‘bigger’ and better connections. During this year, it is important to hold onto your own integrity, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. It equally important that you speak truthfully, any white lies (or actual lies) can take on a life of their own. It’s a great year for learning to give yourself proper credit for who you are and what you are capable of doing—don’t sell yourself short. Relationships in general take on exaggerated significance.



Your daily activities and your work life become the area under growth and expansion over the next year. You might have many new people in your life, new co-workers, a new daily routine, etc.—you may find yourself on unfamiliar terrain. It is an extremely busy year ahead, and it is important that you take care of your health now. A proper diet and adequate exercise help in alleviating stress, which is rather commonplace for most of us. You may discover that all of a sudden you have ‘too much’ on your plate, which can feel overwhelming. Remember your own five-year plan; are you headed in the right direction?



It becomes easier to find solutions now, and Jupiter moving into the area of your chart associated with romance, fun, children and creativity, promises an uplifting year. This could be a year, when your family grows. You have more activity centred on people who have a special place in your heart. For the longest while, you may have pondered about the meaning of life, and this year you might seek answers with more intensity. Perhaps your quest takes you to church, a spiritual group or to study matters of faith. Philosophers do state that we are spiritual beings with human experiences, not vice a versa.



Jupiter moves into the area of your solar chart, which represents family and home for the next year. You might want a bigger, grander home, thus renovations or relocation might become a hot topic. Your family may get bigger this year or children could move back in. Maybe you just want a ‘play room’ with a snooker table. Once every 12 years, themes repeat, and that could be learning to understand yourself better. We only have a subjective view of ourselves; now you might learn more about how others see you and therefore gain new, fresh insights into what makes you tick.



As Jupiter changes signs, your dealings with siblings, neighbours and people you see every day become more important. You may need to lend a helping hand, desire to become more active within your community and fill you calendar with all kinds of new activities. This is a great year to explore courses you could be taking just for fun or to gain new knowledge, and to sign up for a few. Maybe you just want a new car so that you can explore your surroundings, take day trips or travel within your own province, state, etc. Pick up a calendar so that you can jot down all the appointments and plans, this promises to be a busy year.



Jupiter leaves your sign and moves into the sector of your solar chart that is associated with money, values and priorities. Your worldview expanded over the past 12 months, now it is time to walk the talk. Check Taurus above as well, except you are dealing with your own ability to produce money. Whatever your present money situation, that is what you will grow and expand over the next year. During the year you may blow things out of proportion, a trivial dollar issue can become an ‘obsession’; likewise, you may think that your money isn’t growing fast enough. In hindsight, you will be ‘richer’ at the end of the year, be it changed attitude and/or increased bottom line.



Well, Jupiter is in your sign for a year just in time for your birthday! Your recognition will grow based on (yes, there is always the rub) what you have seeded thus far. It’s also easy to gain that extra weight now, so beware eating too much of the good stuff—portion control. Jupiter also represents wisdom, which tends to grow as we place more emphasis on the self and self-examination. It’s a great year to ‘market’ yourself, you can truly sell anything you believe in, and this year, believe in yourself and your own ability to achieve your desired goals.



Jupiter moves into the 12th house of seclusion for you until December 2020, when it enters your sign. You may have made all kinds of plans, set new goals and constructed your five/ten-year plan. Now you get a year during which you have ample time to mull over the wisdom of your choices. The year brings doubts but also unwavering conviction. Throughout the year, it is as if a guardian angel is looking out for you. It’s a great time to reconnect with your beliefs and convictions; some our sound and others need work. It’s also a great time to finalize those plans and work well in isolation.



A year of putting your best foot forward is followed by a year of collecting those rewards. The fly in the ointment, naturally is that we reap what we sow. For the first time in several decades, the wages for an honest day’s work are going up. That is the theme for you for the next year, now it’s a matter of finding the right time to ask for more. The rub is that you need to first acknowledge and believe that you are worth it; otherwise, you won’t sound convincing. It’s also a great year for networking and expanding your circle of friends—many helpful people enter the scene over the next 12 months.



Jupiter moves into your career sector for a year starting on the 23rd of December 2019. Whatever plans you have put in the works, your recent studies and/or travel, that shaped your world-view, begins to grow into something more tangible. In the grand scheme of things, this is a year when there is more emphasis on your career and reputation. Are you able and willing to ‘stand’ in the limelight? It’s a great year for earning your ‘stripes’, doing more than is in your ‘job description’, that is going the extra mile. It might also be a great year for doing volunteer work, donating your time in order to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.


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