An Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Dedicated Server



It is all about finding that one soul web hosting provider that can change the fate of a business. Even though it can be quiet a task, in this guide, it is broken down into the most important aspects that are to be taken into consideration. A dedicated server can surely skyrocket a business that is on the edge of growth. There is even a Cheap Dedicated Server for anyone who is in a tight budget. 

Let’s clear out a few most asked questions about a dedicated server first. 

What exactly is a dedicated server hosting?

It is a kind of internet hosting in which the client is given complete control and authority over an entire server which is not shared with any other user. The premium advantage of this is that it is way more flexible than any shared hosting as the client can configure the settings according to his business needs, so far so, that he is allowed to even choose his operating system. There will be no compromise on the performance. 

Does dedicated hosting means that the client owns the server?

Theoretically speaking, Yes. The client and enjoyed access to the server at the root level but obviously, for that the permission of the hosting provider is necessary. 

How dedicated servers and cloud servers are different? 

A dedicated server is in a physical form,  equipped with dedicated hardware. The server is kept to oneself and not distributed among any other user. The benefit of this is a fast-paced website and high protection.

A cloud server is virtual. Even this is extremely flexible and the resources are open to adjustment anytime. This has its number of amazing functions and benefits.

Finding the best-dedicated server

Now, best is a very personalized concept. The one thing which can cater to the interest of someone might not create the same impact on someone else. Therefore, there are a few generalized requirements which are needed to be researched before going for a cheap dedicated server.


  1. Processor:

It completely relies on the factor that how robust a server is essential for running a particular website. If the website is equipped with visualization, SQL, video-transcoding, or other specialized applications like online chat servers, a Xenon or dual Xenon server works the best.

  1. Bandwidth:

The clear idea of traffic or traffic hike shortly helps in choosing a bandwidth. If any business requires running scripts, having HD pictures or streaming multimedia, larger bandwidth when will be the requirement.

  1. Memory:

The efficacy of the server completely resides on the availability of memory. A faster loading website is going to attract a better audience. So, be selective while choosing the RAM.

  1. OS

The power to choose any operating system is one of the most attractive features of this server. Even the cheap dedicated servers allow the option to choose between Windows and Linux.

  1. Storage:

The niche of your website will make one aware of the amount of data storage needed. There are multiple hundred options to choose from. Commonly, RAID is the most liked, as it functions in keeping the data safe by mirror copying, in case of a hardware failure. 

RAID 0 evenly distributes the data between the drives in the array, so that the read and write transfers are quickened. After that, RAID 1 copies every detail like a mirror to keep the data intact when one of the drives fails. Germany Dedicated Server and France Dedicated Server offers the best storage options

  1. Application: 

A Windows dedicated server is the right choice if the website is meant to host MS SQL, Microsoft IIS, or ASP.NET. Now, if the website is about to use LAMP or MEAN stack or the applications which would not need the approval of Microsoft license, Linux is to go for.



Tier 1 – It allows 99.67% uptime, no redundancy 28.8 hours of downtime every year.

Tier 2 – The uptime speed is increased to 99.74%, allowing partial redundancy in pulling and power. It also comes with 22 hours of downtime per year.

Tier 3 – this gives 99.99% uptime, N+1 fault-tolerant and 1.6 hours of downtime every year. 

Tier 4 – 99.99% uptime with 2 N+1 fully redundant infrastructure and 26.3 minutes of annual downtime.


Before investing in any Germany and France Dedicated Server, there are a few questions needed to be asked, in the account of access to data, power supply, fire protection, hardware, building, data privacy, etc.

There are a few questions you can ask: 

  1. Access: Will unauthorized people be able to enter the data center?
  2. Access to data: How the cheap dedicated server provider deals with hacker attacks? 
  3. Power supply: How will the server react in case of a power cut? 
  4. Hardware: Will the data remain secure in case of service failure? 
  5. Fire protection: Who can be the quickest help if a fire breaks out? 
  6. Building: What will be the consolation if there is a natural disaster? 
  7. Data privacy: Is there any guarantee of data protection? 
  8. Backup: What is the process of data recovery and how long will it take? 

Analyzing the requirements before buying

Nothing can be a good fit if one doesn’t know what he needs. Getting the priorities right is very important. So, here are some points to remember which can help in analyzing requirements.

  1. Type of server

The activity the website will be indulging in will decide which server to choose. The options here are file server, print server, database server, domain server, communication server, and application server.


How much traffic is expected shortly? 

  1. Application

If the applications used are resource hungry, a server with high computing power is the way to go.

  1. Operating system: 

What would you prefer, Linux dedicated server on Windows dedicated server? 

  1. Budget

Money is always a priority. There is an option for a cheap dedicated server but any investment would be worth it when the business skyrockets.

An important aspect of Dedicated Server

Customer reviews: This is the first and foremost thing to be verified to get a clear picture. It is very important to ask the previous customers, if possible, about how swiftly the server responds, guaranteed uptime, the time taken to solve queries and most such questions. 

Choosing the best-dedicated server has to be a well-planned decision as to the future of the business lines on it. While comparing among different dedicated servers, always way out the value for money they provide.

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