When a person chooses his companion in life, he always settles on someone perfect for him. Today, apart from the human partner, there is a piece of technology that is still with every person, be it a teenager or a grandmother, and that is a cell phone, more specifically a smartphone. 

Hence, choosing one that suits you and your needs, selecting a phone that will never let you down and picking a phone that will be you, saviour, under challenging times becomes an extremely cumbersome task. 

Since it is mandatory to own this gadget, consequently the market is inundated with similar phones and companies providing the same. It makes your decision an even more difficult one.

Samsung, one of the smartphone giants, recently launched a new edition to its Note family, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. So the question is, has the Note 10 decided on buying a phone secure or robust?  


It has been almost a decade since the inception of the smartphone. The user would assume that in 10 years, and the developments in these gizmos would come to a standstill, and rightfully so. There isn’t much left that can be tapped into and improved to the point wherein it would astonish the user.

However, Samsung has proven me wrong, at least to some extent. The design of the previous Note 8 was a pleasant and refreshing change from the standard and honestly, pretty old-fashioned design of the Note series. The curved screen was entirely new. I loved that design. I did not expect the guys at Samsung do outdo themselves, but they did. And kudos to them!

Note 10 has a giant 6.3-inch Infinity-O screen, so you would think it would be cumbersome and challenging to manage, but my friend, it is not. Note 10 is the sleekest and slender 6″ long phone, probably the thinnest as well. Its design is so attractive that it can be the sole reason to buy it.

Although the phone has the most prominent display so far, it is not too wide, and the buyer can easily access the entire screen with a single hand, thanks to its edge to edge display. The glass back is also an innovative gem in the design. It comes in an array of colours. Still, black highlights its glory the best.


Apart from the way the phone looks, its camera quality is a significant consideration to delve into when choosing to buy it. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has three cameras that provide you with a 123-degree field of vision, with 16 MP and 12 MP wide-angle cameras and another 12 MP telephoto camera.

This phone can click pictures that can even compete with a DSLR’s photographs, and might also draw that match. The best part of the phone’s camera is its live focus feature. It allows the user to focus on an object and blur the surroundings, much like the iPhone’s portrait mode. The advantage of the dual-sensor comes handy in this component as it enables the user to convert a live focus picture into a normal one.

It is because the dual-sensor not only focuses on the object, but it also captures the surroundings. So click on the wide-angle option on the screen, and the background won’t be blurred anymore. 

However, unlike the iPhone, Note 10’s live focus feature also extends to its videos. Along with this distinguishing feature, the camera also boasts traits like panorama, slow motion and super slow motion, and the latter features can become an advantage when trying to make tik tok videos. When the camera of the phone is marvellous, it means that there would be numerous clicks in a day.


These pictures and videos need storage, and the Galaxy Note 10 isn’t in the shortage of space. The phone comes with impressive internal storage of 256GB. However, the user will not have an option of upgrading it, since there isn’t an SD card port on the phone. Still, you can click pictures to your heart’s desire and then download a few movies to relax with Wi-Fi or 4G’s high speed. 

The phone’s performance is also on the more delicate lines, and its 8GB RAM ensures that no matter how many applications you are using at once, not even one would crash. Go through your Instagram feed while playing a round of pubg and snap away from your worries.

Higher internet usage means lower battery life that is why the Note is equipped with a 3500 mAh battery which is marginally better than S10. A battery of this scale can probably give you 12 hours of usage quite easily. A fantastic feature to use once the battery is about to die is its wireless charger, no need to bother with the tangled data cables anymore. Since this feature is still a novelty, I bought the phone mainly for the charger.


Like almost all the high-end phones, the Note 10 also gives a shock to your wallet. It is priced at a whopping 869.99 pounds. However, the phone is so packed with features that you will not regret making the purchase. Also, if you have a partner or a sibling, you cannot make the grave mistake of buying the phone for just yourself. You would have to buy one for them as well or else you might have to sleep with an eye open forever. To solve your budget problem, there are loans without guarantor from direct lender available all over UK. So once, you get the time, go and get yourself and your partner a phone that just might change your lives.

Overall, the phone is captivating, anyone who will buy it is going to be bewitched by its charm and forget all about the latest iphone. Nevertheless, be careful and do not ever drop it, as its entirely delicate body might not survive and your heart would be as broken as the phone’s screen.


The phone domain is the most advanced and flourishing out of all the technological markets. There are as many phones in the market as there are stars in the sky. However, there is one that outshines them all.

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