What financing to open your business in Belgium?



Are you planning to open your own business? Do you have an innovative idea? You just have to find the ideal financing? What are the different alternatives available?


A bank loan: easier procedures, more attractive offers

The most popular solution for auto entrepreneurs to finance a professional project is a bank loan. Belgian banks are currently offering much more attractive offers and easier procedures.

Even if you opt for a professional loan, you might as well look for online loans. Easier to access, this kind of banking service will be accessible more quickly. This will allow you to complete your project in a few weeks.


But beware, online credit or not, a professional loan remains an affected credit. Also, you must present supporting documents to have such funding: quotes, invoices, etc. Also, think twice before committing to this kind of contract. The monthly payments can be heavy and rather cause the bankruptcy of your company rather than its takeoff. You must carefully compare the different proposals before you start.

Micro finance companies: for those excluded from banking systems

You cannot claim a bank service? You still have micro-finance companies. They are prized by auto entrepreneurs not only for their ease of access, but also because of their small size. But as their name suggests, this kind of finance company only offers fairly small capital. Which explains their lower rate.


Even so, micro finance companies can be of great help to you. Not only do they offer personal loans, but they can also send you an advisor who will support you in the development of your professional project.

The steps to apply for micro-finance are quite simple, but take time. Here, even those who leave the standards of the bank, namely the CDD or the unemployed, can claim a loan.


Independent investors: how to convince them ?

It is also possible to finance the creation of your business with independent investors. In this case, it will be a question of selling a part of the quotas of your company in exchange for a capital. This will save you from going into debt and having to do with the monthly payments.


But you still have to know how to convince them. And to do this, you will need the help of a chartered accountant in Saint-Gilles. The latter will help you in the drafting of a statute and in the establishment of a market study which will allow you to consider the revenues of your business over the next 5 years. The quality of these documents will notably depend on the success or not of your negotiation.


In addition, be aware that independent investors will be less complicated to seduce with an innovative idea, but which responds to everyday problems. This kind of market offers a more substantial and secure income. They attract customers more and are more quickly profitable.


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