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Are you wondering why you should consider node js web hubspot local development company for your web development requirements? Whether for front or backend services. Or will it be helpful to grow your business online presence or not? There is a high demand for this advanced JS framework among web development companies. It lets them develop robust websites and applications for different verticals. And these are the reasons which push business to hire node js web development companies out of leading node js development companies available in the global market for your website requirements. 

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source cross-platform framework that lets the development of large scale applications at cost-effective pricing. Other than this, one can develop highly scalable, data-intensive, real-time back end services. 

Several popular names like Linkedin, Walmart, Uber, Netflix, Trello, eBay, Medium, Paypal, Groupon and others have used node.js for the development of their websites and applications. 

How Node. js Impacts Web Application Development?

Basically whichever web development technology you choose for your web application development project. It comes with lots of pros and cons, so you must make decisions carefully. The Node. js technology lets developers create highly responsive websites and applications.

The Node. js that is a server-side framework allows the creation of codes using JavaScript. Not even this, it can be used via front end programmers to scale up and work upon backend requirements using Node.js technology. So whenever you plan for application development, do prefer hiring Node.js developer and witness the difference. The technology not only reduces development time but also avail businesses with the best of the features.  

Also, the reason which makes developers prefer Node.js technology over other server technology for website application development services is the Object Database support of this lightweight technology. On the other hand, it is easy to reuse and host as well. All these top-end features while using this technology speed up the development process and increasing demand for professional node.js development companies across the world for availing the best of services. 

Now let’s have a look at the top 10 reasons to hire Node. js development company for your business website and application development projects. 

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Node.js Development Company for Your Business Requirements

If the above-mentioned reasons are not sufficient to make you hire Node js development company, here is a complete list of 10 reasons which will support you to decide for choosing a Node js development company. 


Node.js technology comes packed with V8 engines powered by Google. It lets the compilation of javascript into a native machine code rapidly. Due to which, the processing speed of any framework increases. The companies which need the development of fast and flexible network applications can hire dedicated NodeJs developers so that the finished product can easily handle multiple parallel connections. 

Using Node.js applications, the response time for PayPal reduces to a greater extent by 35% and it enables handling of requests/second in double amounts. 

Ease of Sharing

Node.js that comes powered with the Node Package Manager or NPM enables ease of sharing by segregating it. 

It has a vast library with over 50,000 bundles that are used by the designers to make necessary provisions at the beginning of the project. So that the developers can easily refresh, reuse and share code for further use. 

The web development companies make the best out of this using this dynamic bundle that is a ready-made help for the designers. 

Real-time Development of Web Application

Node.js allows the creation of real-time applications like messenger apps and gaming just by simplifying tasks. Other than this, it enables the development of those real-time web applications which use an event-based and non-blocking server. 

Single Codebase

Node.js supports effective data synchronization between the server and the client. It makes a complete sense to choose Node.js for your next project and write separate javascript for server and client. The Node.js is capable of executing a similar code for the server and client-side. This is what makes it an ideal choice for web developers. 

Data Streaming

For the development of any successful product, it requires top-level I/O handling. And it is difficult with the web frameworks which manage HTTP requests and responses as whole data objects. 

While Node.Js offers such good handling of I/O processes which enables transcoding of media files at the same time when they are being uploaded. 

Other than this, such HTTP can also be handled in a much easier way through reading and writing streams to Websockets. 

Utilizes Javascript Skills of Developers

In his working career, a little bit of JavaScript would be coded by almost every web developer. However, JavaScript is a hack of a jQuery plugin. 

But in current times, it is really difficult to find such a web developer. So it is good to use such web development platforms of which languages are known to every developer in the world and can code effortlessly. 

Hosting Ease

The web app development companies are preferring Node.js open-source platform over others. Because it is adding more facilities and multiplying the introduction of new features. 

It helps those who provide Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services that reduce organizations to a solitary order. This is what makes even Heroku prefer Node.js for web app development. 

Increased Productivity

The productivity of any assets remains multi-dimensional so there is a high chance of ignoring Node.js developers in terms of their productivity in Java because it provides compile-time error handling. 

However, productivity can easily be increased just by including both the frontend and backend teams into a single unit. Consequently, the product development process automatically boosts up. 

Node.js Utilization for Proxy Server

Node.js offers a facility for performing more and more. You can use it for several intermediary administrations in contrast with the reaction time. 

You can use the Node.js server as a proxy server just by using a 20-line code. It helps in information streaming from multiple sources. 

SEO friendly

Node.js web app development lets your project stand firm in the SEO game.

Its backend rendering feature provides more visibility to your website as search engines are capable of optimizing the React projects. In addition to this, providing high speed and top-end performance of the platform supports SEO prospects and improves user experience. 


So these are the top !0 reasons which will make you choose a Node.js web development company from available leading Node.js development companies globally. So before choosing a web development platform for your next web application project, don’t forget to consider the benefits and reasons which make web developers highly prefer Node.js framework over others for web application development.

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