What are the main reasons for hair loss and how to solve this issue?



Long, beautiful and shiny hair is what every woman out there dreams about. It is believed by many women that hair is a major part of the overall personality. Gorgeous looking hair makes a woman feel beautiful and boosts the confidence level. Not only women, but men also desire for healthy-looking hair. But in this modern era, a lot of damage is done to the hair due to excessive pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and a lot of other reasons which eventually cause hair loss. Let us look at some of the major reasons for hair loss:

Physical or Emotional Stress:

You deal with a lot of traumatic or deeply stressful events or situations in day to day life due to which you might experience excessive hair loss. It is said that, when you are dealing with such stressful events your mind and your body just concentrates on that event resulting in a temporary hair loss. It is also believed that emotional or physical discomfort brings a change in your eating patterns which results in a lack of nutrition and thus causes hair fall.

Excessive Styling of Hair:

Well, who doesn’t love sleek straight strands or perfectly done curls or highlights? Every woman loves styling her hair to enhance her beauty and to look more pretty and confident. Men usually use a lot of chemical-based gels to set their hair and look smart. Styling your hair once or twice a week is fine but, going overboard with it is what causes the problem of hair loss. Hairstyles demand a lot of hot tools, bleaching agents and other chemical-based products which damage the hair shaft due to which the hair strands break off easily.

Nutritional Deficiencies:

Improper eating habits like snacking on junk all the time, causes nutritional deficiency. Lack of iron, vitamin B3, zinc and especially protein, cause major hair loss as the hair is made of a tough protein known as keratin so, if your protein intake is relatively low, it will affect your hair health.


This is one of the common as well as a major reason for hair loss. If the elders in your family like for instance if your father has chronic hair loss then it is certain that you might too face it. Males usually suffer from pattern baldness at an early age whereas females suffer from alopecia; a condition where sudden hair loss occurs with overlapping circular bald patches on the scalp.

Hormonal Imbalance:

When your body goes through certain medical conditions like alopecia or scalp infection like ringworm or hormonal changes probably due to childbirth, menopause, pregnancy or problems like thyroid, then it is certain that you might suffer with hair loss. The hair loss can be temporary or permanent depending upon your condition.

Hair loss seems to be way too scary and nobody wants that, but sometimes it is not in your control. But certain things if taken care of daily would reduce hair fall to a great extent. Here are some of the ways which you can follow every day to achieve strong and healthy-looking hair.

  • The kind of comb or brush you use to comb your hair might sound like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference. Try to use a wide teethed comb to remove tangles in your hair. After that you can use a brush. 
  • Rubbing your hair rigorously with a towel to dry it or using a hairdryer is probably the quickest way to dry your hair but this can make your hair dry and rough and hence lead to breakage. The best method to dry your hair is to just squeeze out the water from the hair by pressing it gently with a towel and then let it air dry. This helps to control hair fall and also maintains the texture of your hair.
  • Chemical-based products bring temporary shine or volume in the hair but on regular usage, it just damages your hair. So instead of using harmful chemical-based products, opt for home remedies. Application of a hair pack made of natural substances like organic coconut oil or milk, neem leaves or banana will not only help in controlling hair fall but also bring in natural shine and volume in your hair. You can try best hair oil for growth of hairs again on regular basis.
  • Hair fall is not only due to external changes but also due to internal changes. Your lifestyle matters a lot so treat your body in the right way. Make sure to include fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals and all the other nutritious stuff in your daily diet. Along with a healthy diet, do exercise yoga or meditation for at least 30 minutes every day. 
  • Have an adequate amount of sleep. Giving enough of rest to your mind and body plays a crucial role in not only maintaining healthy hair but also for overall wellbeing. So make sure to sleep for 8 hours or at least 6-7 hours daily. 

Make these little changes in your life and follow them daily to improve your hair health as well as your overall wellbeing.

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