The Guide to Facebook Ads Interest Targeting


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Facebook is one of the best platforms to advertise your business on.

People often say they don’t have their audience on Facebook.

Facebook has 1.69 billion active users worldwide and that is too big a number to have your audience in.


It has one of the best powerful ways of targeting.

You can target people using their interest, email list, age, demographics, education, titles, city, places they are visiting, video viewers.


Not only amazing targeting options but it is also one of the cheapest ways to reach out to your target audience.

The other targeting options available are way costlier than Facebook ads.

This is why we love Facebook ads.

This is amazing.

Isn’t it?


What is a Facebook Audience?


Your “target” what we also called a “market” that you will be advertising, on Facebook, it’s called “audience”. One can go ahead and target specifically, for example by income or education level. The targeting option also includes gender, age, job title, location and a lot more. 

The options are almost limitless. For real.


But I say everyone has their audience on Facebook We often get asked how to find good interests to target for Facebook ad campaigns. Here I have a detailed guide for you:


In this blog, I am going to show you my step by step guide on how you can use your interest and keywords to reach your target audience.

The questions you need to ask before you begin your audience research:

Before doing your audience interest research always follow or ask these questions and then write your answers and then start your audience research.

  1. Who your target audience follows.
  2. Where your target audience spends most of their time.
  3. What are the top brands in that industry
  4. What are the top magazines in that industry?
  5. Top Influencer in that industry
  6. What tools they could use or are using?

Once you have found answers to each.

Now, this is the time to change the game.

Here I will tell you how you would relate your all answers to make a specific laser targeted audience.

How is target research done?

There are many different ways to do targeting research, but in today’s post, I am going to share one of the most uncommon yet easy tips to target your audience and reach them out by spending less.

Are you ready? Let’s go

So the first thing before running Facebook ads is that you should always be aware that Facebook is not a marketplace, it’s a social networking website.

Whenever someone searches anything on google he has intent but while browsing on Facebook no one has any intent in their mind.

They are on Facebook to network, to socialize and to meet their friends and engage with them.

So keep these things in mind these will ultimately help you while planning your Facebook ads campaign.

The key that interest targeting offers is that you can target people what they are all already interested in.

But it’s an issue.

Everyone knows Sachin Tendulkar but everyone wouldn’t like to buy a bat.

Everyone knows cycling but everyone doesn’t like to buy a cycle.

How we simplify this?

We simplify this by 

Pro tip:

Facebook doesn’t like it if you will be calling the target interest, but in case you can find a subtle trick, this will ensure people are interested.  

Here is my detailed example.


A [Your market has to be entered here] enthusiast is going to be aware who XYZ is, but nobody else would.

 A [boxing enthusiast] will be aware of who is Willie Pep, but nobody else will. Still, this isn’t that specific.

It’s too broad. 

For making it simpler to understand, you can take a look at the example below:

We all know Muhammad Ali is professionally a boxer, but he is a well known international celebrity as well. 

He is way bigger than the sport, and therefore he attracts a lot of people that can be non-boxers and might be non-buyers as well.

Now look at the image above and focus on the second circle Lennox Lewis. 

He is a casual boxer that has some knowledge of the industry and will know Lewis.

And although he’s is not the worst audience that you can target as he’s a bit more specific when compared to Muhammad Ali, but still, there is more scope for specificity.

Now take a look at the central circle of the image with Willie Pep.  

Try to think, Who is good at the following boxing and will know?

For example, a boxer at mid-level and has won some tournaments with some following but is not somebody that has been too much in the headlines or is a well-known icon.

This is the requirement of specificity that you have to think of in the niche market. One needs to get to the core so that you are aware of who is going to make a purchase.

A [Your market has to be entered here] enthusiast is going to read XYZ magazine, but nobody else will.

  • A [Your market has to be entered here] enthusiast is going to be aware who XYZ is, but nobody else will. 
  • A [Your market has to be entered here] enthusiast is going to attend the XYZ conference, but nobody else will.

Here is one again live example of Facebook ads manager:

Let’s assume you are dealing with a client that wants to sell a dropshipping tool.

So your audience will be people that are into dropshipping.

Assuming that you require targeting of online marketing or dropshipping.

You can observe here that Amy Porterfield is targeted and she is one of the most trending online marketers. 

People that are aware of online marketing or Facebook ads know this.

But targeting here would lead to reaching out to common people who are not into drop shipping but are into online marketing


So here what you would do is you would target Amy Porterfield and they also must match Dropshipping.

This is much better than above.

The size of the audience becomes small but you are reaching out to the right audience, but again it is not laser targeting.

Now you are targeting people who know Amy Porterfield that suffices online marketing then those people must match dropshipping that again suffices that you are reaching out to the people who know online marketing and dropshipping but here we have again targeted Aliexpress that concludes that you are reaching out to the most drop shippers as Aliexpress is one of the most common dropshipping site known.


This is a very simple yet very powerful laser targeting tip.

Whenever you are planning your next campaign use this tip and let us know how it worked for you in comments.

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