Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Fitness Training



Let’s get straight to the point, you must never, and we mean never, compromise on your well set fitness regime. Even a grave, unprecedented situation like COVID-19 shouldn’t hold you back.  

The key question is: How to keep your Fitness Training going amid the COVID-19 Crisis?

When the Corona virus broke out in Wuhan, China, nobody knew the magnitude of devastation it could bring. Thanks to WHO and CDC who by now have clear recommendations about how to avoid contracting the virus, the world is still in a condition of massive lockdown in major cities across countries. The effect has been likewise on fitness centers and gyms here is best foot pedal exerciser. 

Although social distancing as an impactful way to control the spread of pandemic makes the closure of gyms and fitness centers imperative, we know that a fitness routine is no joke. Working out has proven and obvious influence on your physical and mental health. From stress relief and body toning to significant improvement in mental focus, attention span and boosting mood, regular exercising is a sure shot a living a happier, healthier life.

Do you feel disconnected from your workout pals? Any time the frustrations hits high now that you are home bound, not able go back to use your favorite fitness and boxing equipment? 

Well, you are definitely not alone, and we would tell you all the other alternatives you can practice and still stay as fit as you were before. 

Can I still go to the gym?

There is no doubt that a body in motion is better than a couch potato at any given point in time. But to go or not to go, is probably the key contention faced by the health enthusiasts these days. Let’s try to make it simpler and look at a few key facts.

The Corona virus, thankfully, is not airborne! It travels through surfaces. There are several disinfectants available over the counter in super markets and some gym owners have taken it upon themselves to clean and disinfect the fitness equipment regularly. But imagine, the boxing equipment you prefer using in that favorite boxing club of yours, is being used by a few others too. You don’t know if the user was a carrier, without apparent symptoms. You don’t want to take that risk, do you?

The COVID-19 micro-organisms could also transfer during a personal interaction if the distance is any less than one foot. If your fitness center or the boxing club is still running, and you take your own boxing gear along, did the thought cross your mind that your sparring partner could be a possible carrier of the virus? 

Here’s what to do

We promised you some ideas that would keep you in shape and your fitness routine going. So here are some of the home based workout alternatives you could follow. This is probably the best time to try out how technology could come in handy in keeping you connected to your fitness buddies and your trainers. Even if that isn’t a possibility, you could be self-reliant and do so much on your own.

Home Boxing Workouts

Has your boxing gear been lying around in the cupboard for a few months now? When was the last time your boxing gloves saw the day light? Well, dig them out of the dungeons and put them to good use by setting up your mini boxing club at home. The internet is loaded with trainers who would take you through easy to follow boxing routines.

Don’t have your own boxing equipment yet? Perfect timing to order them now. WHO has evaluated the parcels to have the least likelihood to allow any virus to survive for long time. Yet, you could always take an extra step, disinfect the parcel and leave it untouched for 24 hours before you try your gear out.

Bonus recommendation, get your hands on premium quality, genuine leather, long lasting Custom Boxing Gloves and Custom Boxing Gear. 

Make the best of the time on hand and order your custom boxing gear now with Infinitude and prepare well to beat your boxing partner when you’re back in the ring! Don’t forget to show off your custom boxing gloves to your mates when you’re posing for Facebook and Instagram.


Walk, walk, walk!

Here’s an idea to keep your muscles in motion without having to do too much. Believe it or not, there is a good chance your kids would love to join in too. YouTube is a great resource for this too. Just get your body moving, the hurt thumping and pumping for a cardio equivalent easy home based workout.


Times like these call for some significant amount of calming meditational practices too. The best thing about Yoga is, you need nothing but a mat, a peaceful corner in your cozy little home, some soothing music and a trainer from so many online resources. Look after your physical and mental health too, will you?

We can bet, staying fit even when you’re home bound is not as difficult as it sounds. All you need is the same motivation that kept you active during the other times too. While the impact of COVID-19 has been taking down morale as well as businesses, we are sure good times are coming back soon. Try out home boxing workout, walk based exercise or yoga, the idea is to keep your body moving and active. Team it up with a balanced, healthy and nutritional diet and there go, your very own formula to keep going through these times too.

Are you already following an active workout routine at home? What has been working best for you? Let us know, we would love to hear more. 


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