Freshness will be maintained in summer, follow these home tips…



There are some domestic skin care tips, by adopting which you will feel yourself refreshed and beautiful even in the summer season.

There are some domestic skin care tips, by adopting which you will feel refreshed and beautiful even in the summer season. According to the latest news,Taking care of the skin in summer is very important, because in this season the skin can lose its shine and color. In such a situation, if you are not free to spend time in the parlor, then we are telling you such home remedies which will give not only the glowing, immaculate and consistent skin in the summer season, but also in this season full of sweat and humidity. Freshness will also be maintained. Let us see the effective ways to maintain freshness in the summer season and home remedies-

Dandruff  Irritate …

Dandruff is a common problem. But do you know that you can also benefit from some home remedies to avoid dandruff. Soak fenugreek in water at night. Grind it in the morning and apply it on the scalp. Wash with plain water after 15 to 20 minutes. Apart from this, you can also wash hair with sour curd once a week, this will also remove the problem of dandruff. Keep in mind that you shampoo and condition the hair every other day. Do massage with oil on the scalp skin once a week.

Face mask will do wonders…

Face masks are very useful for improving the face. And if the face mask is made from household tips, then what is the matter… They do not have any side effects. There are some household masks that can be easily made and bring a glow to the face. Mix a little cucumber and a spoon of curd in a cup of oatmeal. Mix it well and apply a thick layer on the face. After ten minutes, wash off with cold water. It suits on all skin types.

Now there will be no stains on the face

If you are tainted and speckled, you have some domestic tips for this too. Take some lump fresh turmeric, large spoon cream, a few drops of rose water. Now cut and grind turmeric. Mixing cream and rose water in it and applying it on the face every day for a few days will make the skin clean and clean. Apart from this, prepare a paste by mixing one tablespoon dry neem leaves, two tablespoons of barley flour, two tablespoons of gram flour, two tablespoons of multani mitti powder, half a teaspoon of honey, a few drops of lemon juice and applying it on the face. Stains are also reduced.

Take Salt Spa at home

There is a lot of craze of Salt Spa in the youth nowadays. If you want to take a salt spa at home, then take salt, sea salt and rock salt for this. Aroma salt, sea salt and dead sea mineral salt are also available in the market. But keep in mind that these salts are very hard and using them in pure form can dry the skin or cause rashes on it. So yogurt, papaya, etc. can be added to salt. At the same time, it is also important to keep in mind that the massage is smooth, it will be better to add olive oil or almond oil.

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