10 Classic and Traditional Cakes of The World


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Most of you traveled lots of countries and had eaten their classic and authentic food. But have you ever ate their traditional cake. Because maybe you are unaware of it. So, if you are planning to go abroad for a vacation. Then, you should definitely know about this. Thanks to e-commerce sites, you can eat anything anywhere. But, that traditional feel doesn’t come in it. So, let’s take a look at countries and their cake, and make your mouth watery. So, let’s start to explore.

1. Mawa Cake (India)

As we all know, how India rich with its flavor and culture. And, this is the perfect example of it, less sweet lots of goodies. It is made with pure milk, cardamom, nuts, and less sugar.  This is used as a tea-time snack also. Especially, it is one of the favorites the cake of Parsi. Their menu is incomplete without it.

2.Brownie (USA)

It is not like a heavy cream frosted cake. Typical brownie made with lots of oil, dark chocolate, and refined flour. It is garnished with nuts like almond, walnuts, and cashew nuts. It is a thin square shape baked piece of cake. Trust me, it is delicious.

3.Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte (Germany)

  • It is one of my personal favorite cake, we usually call it “Black Forest” cake. Trust me, this cake is so yummy. If you are looking for something different for this Valentine’s Day. Then, this is really amazing. Don’t wait for anything, and if you live in a city like Bangalore, then order cake online in Bangalore. The richness of butter, sweetness, and sourness of cherry and that pinch bitterness of chocolate. All makes it delicious.

4.Mousse (France)

Mousse is not exactly a cake but it is so tasty. You can eat it like pudding, you can add it to the layering of cake. Its consistency is like custard and it is easy to make. 

5. Souffle (France)

Souffle is a cute and delicious dessert. You can say it the younger brother of sponge cake & you cand send flowers to delhi. It is a complete mixture of sour and sweet.  And, the best part about it is, easy to make and it is inexpensive.

6. Cheesecake (Greece )

Cheesecake is one of the most loved cakes in the whole world.  It’s the bottom layer that is crumbling of a cookie or something like that. And, it’s the upper layer is made by cheese cream. You can make it in two ways. You can bake it or some cakes are unbaked means frozen. 

7.Carrot Cake (United States)

Carrot cake is widely popular in Europe. It is an authentic and iconic cake in the US. The main ingredient used in it is grated carrot, a pinch of nutmeg, walnut pieces. And, also cream cheese used for icing. This is a purely vegetarian cake. You can eat in fasting also. It will give you instant energy.

8. Mochi (Japan)

Japanese cousin is one of the most loved cousins in the world. And we all, very well know about their love for rice. Especially, their Susie which is the biggest example, of their rice love. So, Mochi is also one of a great the example of their rice love. Mochi is made of sweet rice flour. 

9. Chocotorta (Argentina)

Chocotorta is a traditional dessert of Argentina and it is also a twin of chocolate cake. It is easy to make with some simple ingredients which are available in the kitchen. It is made of chocolate cookies, caramel, and cream cheese. If you want you can garnish it with choco chips also. Trust me, it is delicious than regular chocolate cake.

10. Lamingtons ( Australia)

Lamington is a classic Australia dessert. It is a traditional and iconic cake in Australia. It is not so much popular but it is delicious.  It is a normal sponge cake that is coated with chocolate syrup. And, also coated with the layer of desiccated or grated coconut. And, the raspberry gives it real authentic taste and moist texture. So, if you ever go to Australia don’t forget to taste it at least once.

Here are the most popular and traditional cakes in different countries. So, order your favorite cake or make it yourself. Whatever you do, but definitely try at least once. Your day will become.

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