Police Respond to shooting at YouTube HQ

There has been a shooting today Tuesday 3rd April at YouTube headquarters in Northern California, triggering a massive police response as employees ran from the building.

Many Police sources said the person who opened fire at YouTube, is deceased at the scene. The shooter was identified as a female but It wasn’t immediately clear if she died by suicide or by law enforcement. It was also not clear how many people were injured, but local hospitals reported receiving patients.

A senior law enforcement official told NBC News that the scene is still active and there are no reports of fatalities at this time. The official also said the shooter is a woman.

Videos and photos on social media showed YouTube employees walking out of offices with their hands raised. SWAT teams surrounded the campus, guns drawn.

On Twitter, YouTube employees reported hearing multiple gun shots inside the campus. A few were live tweeting what they saw while they were hiding in their offices.

A Walmart store employee Marco Tartaglia told NBC Bay Area that he heard about 15 shots “from the direction of the YouTube building, from what sounded like inside.”

“We heard the shots first, and that immediately drew us over to the window to see what the heck’s going on, and next thing you know, you see people streaming out just running, dozens of them, just running out the front exit,” Tartaglia said.

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  1. ''I don't think they should detain, or even worse, imprison this woman. It was probably a white privileged male behind this shooting. Women are incapable of committing crime, only men, especially white men, are. The very fact that the law enforcement men, most of whom are white, pursue this innocent woman, shows how deep the misogyny is entrenched in our culture'' - A white liberal gender-fluid, non-binary 'male' who identifies 'himself' as a tyrannosaurus (I swear, chaps, progressive liberals are the dumbest people on Earth)

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