Surround sound explained

Surround sound explained

When it comes to home theater, bigger is always better more so badder. Bigger displays with higher number of pixels. A big display makes a gaming rig look sick but what would make it FEEL better is sound, SURROUND SOUND to be exact. our Dope tech of today will try to explain what surround sound is

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What Is Surround Sound?

Simply put: surround sound aims to deliver multi-dimensional sounds that move around in the same way as objects would in real life, by adding height to our aural perception. It makes what you are seeing more real by adding a sense of direction and movement of the sound produced by an object in the display. It makes the door screeching open to really seem to be opening from behind you. I think it’s especially good when watching horror films.

how to create surround sound

They are two basic ways to achieve surround sound.

Surround systems may rely on multiple speakers positioned in front of, behind, to the side and sometimes above your listening position or by software coding.

Surround sound is created in several ways but we will limit the scope of this post to two.

The first and simplest method is using a surround sound recording technique—capturing two distinct stereo images, one for the front and one for the back and using a dedicated setup like a digital Dolby system which works by using speakers encircling the listener to play the audio from different directions.
A second approach is processing the audio with psychoacoustic sound localization methods to simulate a two-dimensional sound field with headphones. This is easier to achieve. It’s what u get when u listen to music on headphones and the sound seems to move from maybe the right speaker around your head to the left speaker.

If you have an entertainment setup for games of movies, it’s definitely worth it to

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