How to send any file type on whatsapp

Its a sure thing to find any person with a smart phone using WhatsApp. Almost everybody using a smartphone now uses it. Its good for sending free text messages, videos music documents voicenotes etc. if you send files to others using WhatsApp, you will know that not all file types can be sent using the application and even so, the files sent can’t exceed 16Mb except documents like pdf or a Word document. The newest whatsapp update only lets you upload just 100mb for a document. So this tutorial only works for files of less than 100mb

How to send any file on whatsapp

1. Manually

Its easier to do on a phone than a desktop (same process but fewer steps)

Step 1.

Locate the file on your phone using any file manager.

Step 2.

Long press on the file to bring up a context menu and select “rename”

Step 3.

Change the file extention (.rar, .zip, .mp4 etc) to .pdf or .doc and save

Step 4.

Go to whatsapp and select the contact you want to send the file. Click on the paper pin icon to attach a file. Browse to the file you selected on step 3 and send.

Step 5.

Tell the reciever to perform steps 1, 2, and 3. At step 3, change the file extension from .Pdf or .doc back to its original extension.


2 using Send Any File

Send any file is an application which lets you increase the functionality of WhatsApp. So send any file simply removes the file type restriction from WhatsApp allowing you to send any file without compression so you don’t lose quality.

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