3 apps to speed up your slow android phone

We are now on android Oreo going to android P. Its been very well made to run as efficiently as possible giving a speedy experience and long battery life. But no matter how updated phones get some will never be able to give a speedy performance. Like those with 1Gb or 2Gb RAM to reduce cost of production. If your phone is terribly slow and you can’t yet shell out $800 for a flagship, these are 3 apps could help speed up your phone to help you keep your sanity.

Note: These apps are placed in an unordered list.

  1. SD MAID

SD MAID comes with a free and paid version. The free version might be sufficient for you but to get more functionality, you can get the paid version. A cool advantage to this app is that the app itself is not too heavy on your smartphone and ot does not try to advertise other apps by the same company.

The main overview of the app gives you access to CorpseFinder, SystemCleaner, AppCleaner, and Databases. These are all different tools in the software and they all perform different functions. In addition, it has a duplicate finder which finds duplicate files on your device and you can choose to delete them and free up some storage. The CorpseFinder searches and removes fragments of files or directories from apps you have deleted. The SystemCleaner scans for known file types and locations that can be deleted without causing any harm. Advanced users can set their own rules for targeting files. AppCleaner, which requires the Pro version of the app, frees up space on your phone by deleting data from apps that it thinks can be safely deleted without losing any of your app settings. And finally, Databases tries to speed up your phone by using an SQL VACUUM command to release empty pages without losing any valuable information.

You Can Get SD MAID on Google Play


There are many cleaning apps like Avast Cleanup And Boost which is a cleanup and junk removal app for Android. All apps do come with a free and premuim version and this is no exception. some feutures include,

  • Removal of junk files, as it quickly analyses your device and clean up junk files that are no longer needed
  • A cleaning advisor which gives a detailed overview of all the files on your device
  • A smart safe clean which cleans unimportant files, thumbnails, residual or unused files, useless Apks and more
  • An uninstaller for your android apps
  • It also include a RAM cleanup for boosting your device performance

With the premuim, you getadditional functionality like

  • Automatic scanning and cleaning of your device without disturbing you or reminding you to scan your phone.
  • Avast Direct Support for any of your inquiries
  • And of course No Ads

how to speed up your android phone

Get Avast Clean Up and Boost onGoogle Play


This is a powerful tool to speed up your phone performance.The feature it is most famous for is being able to optimize and save your battery by killing useless background apps with drains the battery allowing for more battery time for you. As some other apps become a Jack of all trades and master of none, Greenify focuses on just making sure your battery lasts as long as possible by controlling the behavior of your apps. It’s mostly an automatic affair once you’ve installed it and set it up, but you can also open the app for an overview of what is going on Just select as many apps as you want to manually hibernate at once and then hit the ‘Zzzz’ button. Greenify is free, but if you want access to experimental features, you’ll need to pay for the ‘Donation’ version of the app, which currently costs $2.99.

Like all apps it comes with a premium version. the app is just in an experimental stage and it warns of it crashing or can even brick your phone.

Get GREENIFY on Google Play

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