Here’s Why a Home UPS System is Essential for a Modern House



In India, an uninterrupted supply of power is never guaranteed. Poor weather conditions, accidents, and defects in transformers can cause a major power blackout. Be it the metropolitan cities, remote towns, or villages, people still face long power cuts. This leads to a major hindrance in your daily household chores. Therefore, the installation of a UPS inverter system is mandatory for a power backup system. Demand for power continues to increase across all households in India. A UPS inverter system plays a key role in keeping your home up and running. There are reputable brands like Luminous that offer the best UPS inverter system that is specially designed for a modern house using the latest technology. Due to the ongoing pandemic, you can conveniently check-ups prices online and then decide on a UPS inverter system that would be an apt choice for your home. 

What is a UPS inverter System?

A UPS inverter system converts direct current (DC) from your batteries through an inverter into alternating current (AC), then supplies 110/220V alternating current to your house.

What is the distinction between AC and DC?

The electric charge (current) only flows in one direction in the case of direct current (DC). On the other hand, electric charges are alternating current (AC), which periodically changes direction. The voltage often reverses occasionally in AC circuits because of the current change’s direction. The difference can be understood by looking at the image below:

What Are the Types of UPS Inverters in India?

1: Pure sine wave

A UPS inverter supplies current from the battery cleanly and safely, like a regular wall socket. The output of this inverter is in a sine curve, similar to the service supply, which contributes to fewer noise operations and increases the life of connected appliances.

This is the best home UPS inverter because home appliances are designed to operate on this model. If you wish to use high-powered appliances such as microwave ovens, televisions, and air coolers during a power outage, this device is powerful without wasting much power.

A pure sinusoidal UPS inverter is the best solution for the home if you need to run several devices, as it can adjust the voltage according to power requirements. The UPS price is a bit high, however.

2.Square wave

These inverters generate square-shaped waveforms. Compared to the other two, when compared to the comparable graded sinus wave inverter, square wave inverters are easy to pocket. However, if modest devices such as fans, LED lights, or universal motors just need to be operated, this is the correct option. Such inverters, however, can be noisy, and the UPS price is relatively low. 

Buy a Comprehensive UPS System for Your Home

In an independent energy system, one of the most critical and demanding elements is the inverter. To pick a UPS inverter, you do not have to understand the inner workings, but you should know some basic features, strengths, and limitations.

It will help if you know about the home UPS inverters available. On their specification sheets (commonly called spec sheets), manufacturers of inverters print all the pieces of information that you must know along with the UPS price.

Some of the best UPS systems that come with high load handling power and an intelligent battery charging mechanism are provided by Luminous. It has the ability to increase your battery life. Depending on the power (in watts) which the customer wants to operate during power cut, you can opt for a UPS inverter system. For getting to know the right UPS inverter system, visit Luminous Load calculator:

A home UPS inverter system is essential for the smooth functioning of your home.



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