UniFold Announces Pop-UpMedical Structures for Covid-19 Response

UniFold Announces Pop-UpMedical Structures for Covid-19 Response


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Ideal for Expanding ICU Capacity and Deploying Mobile Vaccination Sites

TORONTO– (7newswire) UniFold announces the immediate availability of rigid pop-up structures for use as medical ICU wards and mobile vaccination sites. Hospitals in need of expanding or mobilizing sterile environments, can quickly deploy bio secure ICU wards indoors or secure weatherproof vaccination sites outdoors. The structures can be deployed side by side in tight formation to make the most of available area, and the self-supporting design has no parts to lose, deploying in about 30 seconds.

“Our structures deploy in seconds, making an intact chamber that accepts positive and negative pressure, providing a sterile space anywhere, in seconds” says Steve Ostrowski, Director of Business Development at UniFold. “Tents don't work indoors, and proper weather protection is needed outdoors. UniFold solves both problems in about 30 seconds.”

The versatile 'exoskeleton' structures stand on their own and can be reused hundreds of times. The roof, side walls, and integrated floor, are made of large, folded sheets of rigid polypropylene. The folds give them extraordinary strength, and durability.

UniFold shelters are already used by hospitals as decontamination showers and chem/bio secure isolation chambers. The design is now improved with more headroom, air handling ports, and sealed seams, making them completely weatherproof.

UniFold systems are made-to-order to accommodate any number of patients. An optional interior divider provides a bio-secure physical barrier so front-line workers can vaccinate from a sterile space, while patients are in a weather protected vestibule. Prices start at $3990 USD.

About UniFold

UniFold structures are manufactured by Pine Valley Packaging Group under exclusive license. The shelters have been used in rapid deployment medical, military, haz-mat, and disaster responder housing applications since 2000. They are suited to indoor and outdoor use and are efficiently heated and cooled due to twin wall panel construction.

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