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Today there stands a very competitive market that presents the consumer with a wide range of options to choose from. In such a competitive space, businesses need to showcase themselves in digital marketing areas and bring out the best in themselves. So, when such a need arises, it is essential to have the right set of tools and virtual services to get things done aptly. and Pitorr provides the required tools at a minimal price point.

What are the services offered ?

Toolsurf provides its users with a wide range of services which are curated accordingly to fulfill an individual’s or a small team’s digital projects. They provide the best group to buy SEO tools, ahrefs group buy, writing tools, proofreading tools as well as graphic designing tools. They ensure that they provide the maximum amount of services so that the buyers need not waste their time hopping from one site to the other to avail of categorized services.The services they showcase are available for a fraction of their original price as they lean towards group buys. To elaborate this further, Toolsurf procures premium accounts and provides the user group with access to the same individual account and therefore charges lesser prices.

User Security

Numerous people believe that providing such premium accounts at such price points means that the site is either scamming them or providing illicit accounts but Toolsurf is a genuine site that focuses on empowering small business holders and freelancers towards making their mark in the market. That is the primary reason they provide group buys as big industries can afford to buy individual accounts but the same cannot be possible for small business owners and freelancers due to budgetary constraints. All of the accounts and services showcased on the Toolsurf site is 100% genuine and verified by Toolsurf personnel before display. They make sure that their services enhance the businesses of the buyers and believe that providing a quality product is the best marketing tactic that one can have. Therefore, they do not fall under the category of scam sites.

How to avail of their services?

Toolsurf presents a simple way of availing their tools and the access code is provided to the users for them to copy-paste into the log in area. They provide the access codes for services such as SEO group buy, ahrefs group buy, and other tools right after the payments are made. They highly recommend using the brave browser for logging in to the platform but the user may use chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. They assure you the same quality with the use of those browsers as well.

Payment Methods

To make sure that the site runs smoothly and the users do not face many issues while making the payment, accepts a variety of payment modes. These include E-wallet, credit and debit cards, Bhim UPI, and digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Due to having a wide variety of payment methods, the user need not worry about anything. It is understandable as many users have qualms in regards to making online payments but with Toolsurf being a registered site, their mode of transactions is secured and no hidden costs are included. Their servers do not save your payment data and passwords and are free of phishing bugs. So, one can rest assured while making payment to avail their drool-worthy services.

Personal Experience

In regards to my purchases from, I have had the most amazing experiences over time with this particular site. This site got my attention via word of mouth and trust me when I say this that initially, I was very doubtful about getting acquainted with this site. I was skeptical to try out their services and cheap SEO group buy tools because their prices were astoundingly low. I thought that it was a scamming site. Regardless, since I was in dire need of an ahrefs tool, I opted to go for ahrefs group buy. I checked the listing and saw that the same with a year of warranty was for 10$. Earlier, I had bought the same from several individuals for the same price each quarter. Witnessing such a notable difference, I gave it a go and after having a fruitful talk to the executive via WhatsApp made the purchase successfully. I was very happy with my initial investment and used it recently again to purchase tools consisting of Canva, Picsart, etc. I now use my SEO tools from the same site as well as have opted for many other services. Right now they are topping my charts in regards to being the best virtual marketplace that offers premium tools and SEO group buy SEO tools at the most amazing prices. I would recommend this site to everyone in my circle as I’d like to share the likes of my experience with many.

Customer Care

While making online transactions and availing services from new online sites, problems, and hiccups along the way are pretty common phenomena. Although, Toolsurf has made quite a mark on its users by providing cheap SEO group buy and other digital tools at amazing prices, according to me their best attribute would be seamless customer support. Being a regular customer of theirs, at times I have faced issues such as “log id not functioning” or certain “errors”. All these would have corrupted my user experience if they did not have a very active and helpful customer service executive. They have tirelessly helped me no matter how many times I have send in the requests and have provided me with a hundred percent satisfactory results. Their customer service executives go the extra mile when buyer satisfaction is concerned and that’s the reason why numerous Toolsurf reviews boast of their efficiency. They are available 24*7 via WhatsApp and do their best to get your issues solved soon. Plus, I’d give an extra point to their courteous manner of conversation.

Data Security

While making online purchases doubts in regards to the data security of the users are not to be taken lightly as one’s personal information as well as account details are often misused by miscreants. That’s the reason many people refuse from obtaining shared accounts via the internet. But provides full assurance that they will not share any information in regards to their customer base unless it complies with the law. They also ensure that no additional information is stored in their servers concerning their customers and all the services they provide are also free of trackers and bugs. This proves that the company shows great care and attention towards protecting the information of their valued customers.

Why buy group SEO tools?

Group SEO tools come across such a savior for freelancers like us as:
  • They are extremely budget-friendly.
  • Maximum uptime is provided.
  • Privacy of the users is well maintained.

Why choose

This is a valid question that is currently clouding the mind of many. So here in this Toolsurf review, I’ll let you in on a few reasons as to why you should opt for this particular site for all your digital tool and group SEO tools:
  • All of the tools and services procured from this site are safe for use and provide data security.
  • only provides quality tools and duplicate accounts are not entertained therefore you can be assured of a healthy purchase.
  • Best rates for shared accounts are provided as compared to the market.
  • It is compatible with all OS such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
  • The tools are user friendly and come with maximum uptime.
  • The same purchased accounts can be accessed on multiple computers which enhances its mobility.
  • The site features cooperative customer service executives who guide you through every step of the way until your query is resolved.
  • They allow a wide set of payment options ranging from cards, e-wallets to crypto-currencies.
  • One day free trial is provided.
The only drawback of this site feature is that it doesn’t support a refund policy therefore, I urge you all to be sure about your selected purchase before making the payment.

Policies that are to be followed by Toolsurf Users

I have mentioned certain policies below that are to be followed and ignoring them may reflect poorly on your account:
  • An individual’s login details are not to be shared with any third parties and doing so may result in freezing or permanent blockage of your account. Being an already shared account, further sharing is discouraged to protect the rights and privacy of fellow users.
  • In the event when an individual wants his data to be permanently deleted from the servers, a written request is to be processed.
  • In an event when the user abuses his/her account by sharing offensive content via the shared accounts then the defaulter shall be liable for a penalty.
This review is drafted after witnessing the workings of Toolsurf first-handed and contains genuine information about the site.

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