The 5 Weirdest TikTok Trends Right Now



Back in 2019, many of us dismissed TikTok as a social media video app for teens and wannabes. Fast-forward a year or so and it’s the app that’s got everyone talking, if not always for the right reasons. 

TikTok’s short-form video format offers the perfect platform for users to explore new ways to entertain, but also to shock and act recklessly. As a result, professionals such as firefighters and dentists have spoken out, urging users not to participate in a range of dangerous new TikTok trends, while at least one teen has died after participating in the ‘Benadryl Challenge’. 

But what are the weirdest TikTok trends right now? Let’s take a look. 

1. The Cereal Challenge

This TikTok challenge involves eating cereal and milk…out of another person’s mouth. Bleurgh!

Not only are ridiculous trends like this disgusting, this one can go very wrong. Holding the milk and cereal combo in their mouth could lead the human bowl part of the dimwitted duo to choke as the cereal is forced down their throat. 

The good news is, you don’t have to resort to gross or dangerous activities like this to gain TikTok popularity. Instead, you can just buy TikTok followers and wow them with your own unique talents. 

2. Fox Eyebrow Challenge

Unlike most new TikTok trends, this one isn’t dangerous or harmful. Although, since the fox eye challenge involves shaving off half of your eyebrows and drawing them on with makeup in a foxy way, you might still be waiting for your brows to grow back!

3. Mole Removal Challenge

Boredom led far too many TikTok users to take to social media and film themselves removing moles.

As with many challenges trending on TikTok, the DIY methods users resorted to, such as burning their moles with chemicals or cutting them with sharp objects, were dangerous and no doubt painful. As a reaction to this TikTok challenge, doctors warned that removing your own moles can lead to skin damage, serious infection, and the possibility that you might be removing a sign of melanoma. 

4. Apple Juice Trend

Apples are cheap, delicious, and nutritious. But why would you want to bite into a real crunchy apple when you can bite into a plastic Martinelli apple juice container and make the sound of biting into a crunchy apple instead?! 

5. Ice Cube Challenge

One of the strangest challenges to start trending on TikTok saw people putting ice cubes into their vaginas. Those who participated claimed that it reduced anxiety and depression, tightened up their vagina, and even treated genital warts. 

Obviously, this is all untrue. But, if this weird TikTok challenge teaches us anything, it’s that you definitely shouldn’t believe everything you see on social media. 

Watch Out For These Weird TikTok Trends Right Now

As some of the weirdest TikTok trends right now, this list should give you an idea of how strange new TikTok trends can get. 

But don’t let this put you off if you’ve yet to check out TikTok for yourself. After all, as with most social media sites, there is plenty of cute, original, and downright funny content on there too. 

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