How To Choose A Perfect Shapewear



1. Know your size

Knowing your size is one of the most important factors when you are opting for shapewear. It is almost like choosing a foundation for make-up. You have to choose something that fits you, not the regular and model idea about beauty. Some women make the horrible choice of shapewear smaller than their actual size for enhanced firmness. This can cause severe issues for the skin. It also makes breathing difficult for the person wearing it.

2. Smooth lines and medium constrictions

Nothing can rock a body other than wearing something on which one is absolutely comfortable in. You have to make sure that you are buying a shapewear panty. It is not about how the fabric is hugging your contours. It is mostly about the hard fabric being stuck on your skin and making your skin coarse. This can be avoided if smooth and light shapewear are chosen for any occasion.

3. High Waist designs

Shapewear must be chosen among the ones which are high waist. This is because the waist contours can be brought into a proper shape with the help of this shapewear. It is not about shrinking the muscles around your waist. The abdominal muscles are also responsible for the curves of the body. If you have high waist shapewear, you can make sure that the body is well shaped into a proper size.

4. Tights and shapewear

Tights and shapewear is not a great combination. This is mostly because shapewear is usually made out of nylon, the same material as the tights. Whenever you are placing nylon blends beside other nylon fibers, it is quite natural that they will shift aside and reveal the fabric beneath. FeelinGirl has designed their shapewear in such a manner that the fabrics will not collide. The sleek designs of their shapewear make them very easy to carry around.

5. From head to toe

You cannot take this literally as you will not have any shapewear which is designed from the head to toe. But what you can do is to choose a bodysuit that hugs the important curves in your body and makes sure that you are well fitted into any dress that you opt for. This is the most important criteria of any shapewear that you are choosing. Once you have chosen a full clothed model, it is easy to make sure that any dress will be fitted well.


Therefore, these are some of the tips which can help you to choose great shapewear for any occasion. Make sure to follow the tips which have been mentioned.

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