10 Awesome Decorating Rules To Arrange Your House Furniture


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The thought of filling an empty room with sense and aesthetics combined seems scary. It’s a daunting task to fill up the room with necessary furniture that makes your place aesthetically pleasing as well.

But over the years, interior designers have made some amazing rules through which you can easily decorate your room with essential luxury homeware accessories without making it ponderous. By following these “rules”, your life will become easy as you can change your room’s furniture arrangement whenever you want without thinking too much.

Now without any further ado, let’s dive in to see how you can arrange your house’s furniture like a pro:

  • Choose a prime focus 

The first thing to do is to choose the right focal point around which you would arrange your furniture. It’s vital to have a prime focus area so that your furniture is arranged in the right way, without looking haphazard.

Look closely. Maybe your room has a natural focal point. A big window or a fireplace is a good central point. You can make a central point by fixing a television. Make sure to arrange your furniture around that focal point.

  • Give some space between furniture and walls 

Despite the popular belief, leaving some space between sofas/chairs and the walls make the room look bigger. Even if you have a compact area, leave some space between your furniture and the walls. This breathing area makes rooms bigger and spacious.

And if you have a bigger space then feel free to arrange your sofas in the middle of the room, leaving huge space between the furniture and the walls.

  • Position the sofas to face each other 

You don’t need to arrange your sofas in a way that people need to shout or crane their necks. That said, it’s also not necessary to place sofas face-to-face.

Arrange your furniture such that people can talk easily while looking at each other, directly. Don’t make very large conversation areas; it would get difficult to talk. Rather, make one compact conversion area, or if the room is bigger, make several conversation areas within.

  • Use rugs according to the room’s size 

Too big rugs in a small room and too small rugs in a bigger room makes it unwelcoming. Choose the right-sized rug that fits under your furniture. The sofas and tables should rest on the rug. Choose a color that suits your overall decor.

  • Get an appropriate coffee table

A central coffee table is a must as it acts as an anchor. The larger the better. A big coffee table allows you to show your decor and accessories or put your drinks on the table. Also, it’s convenient to put your things on a larger coffee table while sitting on the sofa or a chair.

That said, if you have a small room then make sure your coffee table doesn’t block the traffic. 18 inches of distance between sofas and coffee table is necessary for people to walk around.

  • Get a worthy wall clock 

To mount the right-sized clock on an appropriate wall can be tricky. Make sure to get a decorative and modern wall clock that suits your room’s overall decor.

Fix the clock opposite to the central sofa piece as it would be easier for everyone one to see what time of day it is. Don’t hide your clock by mounting it away from your central point.

  • The appropriate gap between tables and sofas 

Don’t space sofas and tables in a way that people have to get up to rest or retrieve a drink. The gap between tables and sofas should not be more than an arm’s length.

Also, be sure that the height of the coffee table is just the same as the seats on the sofa. The side table’s height should not be more than the arm length of your chair/sofa.

  • Allow balanced light in the room

Use light fixtures liberally throughout your house. Lights should be on different levels to have balance. Table lamps, standing lamps, and overhead lights make a great combo. You can add table lamps on side tables and mantles. It’s great to add a standing lamp along with the sofa or behind your accent chair.

  • The right place for mirrors 

Mirrors are essential to give a wholesome look to your furniture and decor. Mirror not only adds space and light but also looks great, only if you mount it in the right place.

You can add a big mirror on a wall or a folding dressing table mirror in the corner of your room. This will not only look elegant but you can also have a final look at yourself before heading out.

Make sure not to go overboard. A simple but chic dressing table mirror or wall mirror will do the job.

  • Keep balance 

Last but not the least, find balance. Know the size of your room and furniture. Arrange the furniture in a way that looks sensical and balanced. It shouldn’t look haphazard and random.

Make a list of what you would add to a room and think about how you can arrange that furniture by following the points above. Some planning before arranging your furniture is great for a charming outcome.

  • The Bottom line 

So here’s the simplest way to arrange your furniture: find a focal point and arrange your furniture around it. Don’t push your furniture against the wall too much. Place tables and sofas in the right way (mentioned above). Make nice cozy conversation areas. Just arrange your furniture with the rules mentioned in this article and you won’t be disappointed.


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