Renting a car in Tbilisi, Georgia


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More likely if you are going to take a trip to Georgia you will need to hire a vehicle, as the most interesting places here are hard to reach.If you want to examine the ancient landmarks in Georgia which are the most interesting, you will need to drive your own vehicle. I suggest GSS Car Rental company as it is one of the best agency’s in this country.

Mainly to rent a car in Tbilisi with GSS you will need to have only your passport and driver license. If you are going to fly to Georgia, you can make a booking at the company’s website and check the option to deliver it to the airport.

There are many additional options available like snow chains, ski mounts, child seats and etc. If you don’t drive yourself, you can have a driver service and rent a minivan if youare traveling in a big company. GSS provides all types of vehicles, but the company’s fleet mostly consists of Japanese made SUV’s.

The great thing is that you don’t need to worry about the rented vehicle as it will be checked at the company’s own repair center. That’s a standard procedure at GSS before delivering a car to the client. Besides that, you will get on road support which means that if the vehicle will suddenly break down it will be fixed in place by company’s mechanic, or another car in a same class will be provided in exchange.

There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Georgiadespite the season of the year. For winter time you can go skiing in the mountains and rest on the beaches of the Black Sea in summer. In Tbilisi you can taste delicious Georgian cuisine and wine, visit a lot of ancient churches and landmarks of the past ages. Georgia has many sightseeing spots for tourists who are interested in old towns and its architecture. Medieval castles and buildings can be found almost in any region of the country.

One of the most interesting is a cave complex Vardzia, which consists of many caves connected to each other. It even has some stages of caves. I’d say that Georgia is a unique country where you don’t need to head to a specific destination to see the most remarkable places. The thing is that you will just need to drive through the regions of the country and look around. You can find fascinating spots almost on every 10 miles of you drive.

So that is why I recommend to hire a car if you are going to travelin this country. You won’t miss the most interesting if you drive by yourself, and after all it is much more comfortable. GSS Car Rental will provide you a reliable vehicle for your trip and it will be the key to successful journey with a lot of excitement.

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