Marcello Cantu wants to Change Lives with “Project Wifi”



More than ever, the global pandemic that the entire world is going through right now has made it clear that running your company from an online-based model is essential. Throughout 2020, businesses have closed doors and shut down for good, and it is due primarily to relying on business contacts in person. When you put all your eggs in one basket, all it takes to make all the eggs break is one misstep. Through the growth of their e-commerce company, Marcello Cantu and his team at “Project Wifi” have shown that it is possible to develop even during a global pandemic.


For some, e-commerce can be a hard concept to understand, so here’s some context detail. A business model that enables businesses and individuals to buy and sell stuff over the internet is electronic commerce or e-commerce. It operates in all four of the following main segments of the market: business to business, business to industry, consumer to consumer, and business to consumer. It has made it possible for Marcello Cantu and “Project Wifi” to rapidly expand during this era with several market segments to target.

In “Project Wifi,” Marcello and his team open and scale up these e-commerce stores for their customers. The primary purpose of “Project Wifi” is to provide people with a means of passive income. They do it from A-Z. What you need to do is bring the initial investment with you. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then, the “Project Wifi” team will be happy to assist you.

The accomplishment has come at a price. “Project Wifi” has taken hard work and consistency to get it where it is today, much like anything else that is just beginning/growing. When they get to see the effect their job has on their customers, it is all worth it in the end. The planet is a changing place forever, and if you want to take a spin on the newest wave before it’s too late, check out “Project Wifi” and Marcello Cantu.

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