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What is VPN, and why should you use it

A VPN (virtual protocol network) hides your actual (internet protocol) IP address and makes you anonymous.  It encrypts and reroutes online traffic through a remote server. It allows access to the geo restricted websites in your area. It helps you do online surfing via secured connection. Then all your online activity will originate from that server.

For example, if you are using VPN than your IP address will be shown from other country or region then your actual IP address. It seems like your connection is coming from the other country or area than yours. So it will give you access to all the websites of that country or region which IP address you are using from.

RUSVPN masks your IP address and ensures your data privacy. Install it on your device and get a secured connection.

You can download it from RUSVPN

RUSVPN has many advantages, such as:


You will get access to the blocked website. You will get access to all your favorite websites from anywhere you want with no restrictions. RUSVPN offers secured transmission routes. Using RUSVPN you will get access to your favorite online games and movies which are not available in your area. It will also protect your data from hackers and frauds. You will watch live streaming if video service is blocked in your area. It is a way to bypass any restrictions you are currently facing using your current IP address. RUSVPN has secured channels in different countries which are ideal for online streaming.


RUSVPN makes it very easy to save your money to purchase for online steaming. In you use RUSVPN you will save hundreds of dollars when buying games. Even it will save big money when buying online airline tickets. You can also book room when travelling abroad using RUSVPN will save your bucks. You can also rent cars if you travel a lot and use rental cars. Different agencies charge different prices based on your IP address. Using RUSVPN you will change your IP address to check on the prices of cars in different countries. You will find different prices and save big on car rentals.

Love to use torrents and download stuff, RUSVPN keeps our data secured and protected from any other third party. RUSVPN encrypts your data and ensures the safety of your data. It will make you fully unidentified online. It’s like a protected shield. Using RUSVPN changes your IP address and you can download anything from torrents.

Data protection

An ISP (internet service provider) monitors all your online activities. If you use public Wi-Fi, networks owners will have access to your data and online activities. Using RUSVPN, it is possible to mask your online information. It makes online surfing secure and comfortable for you. This amazing tool will make you untraceable online.

You can get RUSVPN on mobiles android or IOS, google chrome, Mozilla, desktop and on network connections as well.

If you are a student, you will get 20% discount, so what are you waiting for? Get your identity hidden using rusvpn. Get your now


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