New Look to Tackle Cyber Security by Roy Andrade



Roy Andrade is CyberBoy Corp’s founder and CEO. Cyber Boy Corp has gained significant attention from industry experts in the field of cybersecurity in the recent past. Cyber protection has grown enormously over the last few years. Yet cyber criminals are like that. Hacking and Phishing are some stuff of the past, but they remain a big problem in cybersecurity. As more and more technology companies grow, the question of the security of user data is becoming more important for companies of all sizes with the exponential growth in database traffic.

Cyber criminals have grown enormously in modern history, according to Roy Andrade. An organization that could have spent years building a product might spend several hours losing it in the cyber criminals in its room in another continent, and that is the strength with which cyber criminals today are armed. A data breach cost an average of $8.19 million in the United States according to latest information. And it goes without saying that the United States is the most targeted country when it comes to cyber-attacks.

Small or large companies, the issue of cybersecurity arises in every organization with varying problems from one structure to another. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 having in turn heightened concerns related to the importance of protecting one’s digital heritage, in general. For their part, security experts expect malware to increase and the development of increasingly sophisticated attack methods. Enough to seriously consider the issue of cybersecurity, regardless of the size of the company.

Business email compromise is still a hot topic, although training is being provided to employees to raise awareness of the dangers of suspicious emails and links. We speak in this case of “phishing”, that is to say a process consisting in compromising a professional email address to take ownership of it in order to carry out fraudulent operations with it. As the nature and type of cyberattacks evolve, the tools needed to protect yourself have also changed. Prevention tools to prevent an attack upstream, tools to detect an anomaly, analysis tools and finally corrective tools will be increasingly and jointly necessary to protect one’s IS against cybercrime.

At the same time and for obvious cost reasons, some companies will not be able to invest in in-house cybersecurity solutions and will opt for an outsourced service to protect themselves or sometimes take out cyber Data recovery will be the main concern. It is possible, depending on the nature of the ransomware, to call on computer security companies. Some sometimes have tools to recover stolen data. In the event that recovery is impossible, the best alternative will always be to anticipate the potential risk of an attack by setting up and upstream, a backup of all the data. This backup must be carried out in a secure place, remote from the primary site where the data is located. By replicating all of its data to a remote site, as well as the configurations specific to the servers hosting the data, a company can fully protect itself from the risk of a cyber-attack. 

Social engineering is akin to procedures aimed at entering into a relationship with an individual in a discreet but sufficiently thorough way, to be able to use for fraudulent purposes personal information which could be extracted from him. The hackers adopting these practices thus set up “phishing” techniques which, thanks to the interactions, the questions asked and the relationship of trust established with an individual, will make it possible to recover a sufficient quantity of personal information.

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