Fashion Model Georgina Gentle Offers 4 Tips to Help Aspiring Models Excel


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The 25-year old Australian born Georgina Gentle has been making a significant tempest in the style business. Youthful and lively, adored by customers, she has figured out how to piece together a fulfilling life! 

This fashion model has worked with a lot of agencies in the business like; Heavy Weights Factory Models, Rebels Management, and several more. 

In this article, Georgina shares four significant tips for Aspiring models to help progress in their careers.


Modelling has limitless opportunities. From runway and fashion to petite and plus size, to hair and skin modelling, there are numerous avenues you can explore as a model. 

Before you put yourself out there, take a moment to discover what you are cut out for and weigh it against what you love.

“Modeling has always been my passion since I was a little girl but I found when I signed with my first agency the work I was given wasn’t the taste and the style I liked, Being an influencer allows me to showcase a style I love and because of that I now get to work/ and take bookings with companies and businesses that share the same style as I have,” Georgina says.                                   

Identifying your category from the start will make you more particular when looking for opportunities. You also stand a higher chance of growing since you’ll start investing in that field from day one.


Visibility is crucial to the success of every aspiring model. In fact, there are models that thrive primarily on social media. While most accomplished models work under agencies, social media sites offer a platform for employers to notice new entrants. Moreover, most agencies look at your online profile before hiring you.

They analyse your personality, interests, lifestyle, family, and circle of friends. That is why everything you post should be in-line with what you intend to portray as your personal brand.


As a model, your body is your greatest asset. Your job will involve being in the limelight constantly. That’s why you need to be confident in your own skin. Start with eating right. This is the key to staying in shape. Second is making fitness and exercises a daily routine.  

Similarly, a regular napping pattern coupled with enough sleep is essential to your well being. Aside from boosting productivity, sleep aids in weight loss. 


“In the world of modelling don’t be naive and trusting. If the job seems too good to be true it most likely is, so always make sure you triple check everything, ”Georgina asserts.

Get your home work work done about the modelling agency you want to join.  Being new to a profession should not become your excuse for choosing irresponsibly. You need to take charge. Thorough groundwork would spare you a great deal of problem later.

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