The Most Lasting Ways To Treat A Disease Like ED



Erectile dysfunction is a very common disease in men of this century. However, a disease as such makes sufferers uncomfortable about it. People cannot make up their mind if they want medical help because they are not comfortable about sharing their problems even with the medical teams as well. However, men don’t want to entertain this problem much as well.

Therefore, when you search about ED on the internet, the most lasting ways to treat ED comes in between the top four or top five results. So, here today, we have come with a few great lasting treatments that will help you to get rid of the health condition forever.

Viagra, Cialis

These are some of the most tried and tested meds to use on an erectile dysfunction patient. Doctors have found a medicinal cure to this health condition. There are many meds like Kamagra Jelly and such that will help to cure a health condition like ED. However, it is not easy to treat conditions like ED, and also there are different side effects of using these medicinal pills to cure ED for a long time. You should also tell your consulting physician about any other health condition other than ED, such as diabetes or so. Also, you ought to tell them if you are having any other medicines right now.

Penile injection

Penile injection is one of the most effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction. This is also a lasting way. Alprostadil is an FDA-approved drug that you can inject into the patient’s body to cure Erectile dysfunction. This drug is injected inside the penis directly to relieve your health condition with erectile dysfunction. This is the most effective ED treatment for men who cannot take oral pills directly. It is a great substitute for meds like super Kamagra or Cialis. If you cannot take oral pills for some reason, ask your doctor if you can opt for this treatment instead of that.

Vacuum pump

ED was a huge thing for patients a few years earlier. Nowadays, there are many lasting ways to treat a disease like this. So many that, even if a patient cannot, or is not willing to take any erectile dysfunction medicines orally, or have fear from the injection, there are other ways to give them the sexual pleasure they want in bed. A vacuum pump is one such common choice of treatment to treat a disease like ED. In this method, the patient will place a plastic cylinder above their penis and will pump the air out of it to force blood to flow in their penis. This will create an erection. This is such a treatment that is effective on almost 75 percent of men.

Surgical implants

Until now, we were talking about how to treat erectile dysfunction in normal men. Normal people with this health condition can buy cenforce oral pills, or use other methods we have mentioned till now. However, it won’t work on people when they have a neurological disorder or spinal injury. However, two types of surgical implants can offer solutions to your health condition. In this case, the doctors will place a cylinder inside the penis. Then they use an implantable pump to create an erection manually by pumping fluids inside the cylinder. The other surgical implantation option is to use a malleable prosthesis. This works as a gooseneck lamp and directs the penis in position at the time of intercourse.

Male hormonal therapy

This is not a mainstream erectile dysfunction during therapy. Male hormonal therapy is mainly prescribed by doctors when there is a low testosterone level in your blood. This therapy increases your sexual desires. It has nothing to do with treating ED. However, doctors at times encounter patients whom they initially thought to be an ED patient. But as the tests go, they realize that they have a low testosterone level in their blood. This is when they prescribe this to those patients. It does not increase blood flow to the penis but increases the desire in men.

Sex therapy

Sex therapy is another incredible way to cure ED of anxiety or depression. The medicines, surgeries, and other treatments cannot help a patient who is suffering from an ED condition from anxiety or depression. In these cases, a great way to treat these patients is to continue the meds, along with sex therapy. This has helped a lot of ED patients over the years.

Herbal medicine

Many herbal medicines can cure your problem with ED. However, you should consult an experienced doctor before starting to take them.

So, these are some of the lasting and effective treatments that one can use to cure their condition with ED. Consult with your doctor, and decide the best way to treat your condition. Try them now.


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