Review Generation Software – The Link Between Local SEO and Reviews



Utilizing review management tools for your business might be one of the best things you can do to enhance your business. This is true that reviews are your blood when it comes to business. 

When you get positive online reviews, it will increase the trust of your current clients and the prospective ones. Today, Google My Business or GMB could affect the ranking of your SEO. Google has not revealed any rationale behind this algorithm. 

However, there is a strong link between local reviews and SEO. And if you will incorporate Google My Business as one of your tools then you need to read this article thoroughly.

1 The content does matter

Google+ is deprecated by Google and Google My Business has been equipped with local-focused features to enhance the local SEO. On the other hand, it makes reviews on GMB become a significant factor to increase the SEO rank.

When the reviews have keywords in it, it would be another biggest factor to boost the SEO rank on Google when the clients look for the “local pack”. The local pack is a box under the maps when the search results come up.

This is why you should understand that reviews could boost your keyword ranks. Besides reviews, Q and A section in Google would boost your SEO rank on Google especially if it contains keywords as well.

2 Engagement is a two-way communication

Customer review software is essential because this helps you to find out the feedback from your clients. Using Google My Business for your business will also help you to build engagement on the internet.

When your clients drop reviews on GMB or post some Q and A, you can boost your SEO while you can engage with them in that section. You can check the guide made by Google called “How to Improve your Ranking on Google” to find out the best way to interact with your clients through the reviews they left on your page. 

According to research, clients would change negative reviews according to how the business gives responses to those reviews.

3 Reviews and clicks lead to visibility

A review management system will make people click on your page even though they just want to leave a review. However, these clicks do matter for your business. In local businesses, clients choose to stay with places or products that have good ratings and reviews. 

On the other hand, Google still gives rewards to websites with traffic according to the click rates. If many users review your business, it means that you have higher traffic to your website. And of course, it will also boost the SEO ranking of your business.


If you want to increase your SEO ranking on Google, you may need to utilize Google My Business in the first place. This platform is great to boost the visibility of your business among local competitors. And this is why you need excellent review generation software for your business since the first time you decide to run the business.

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