Phillip H. Perez Founder & CEO of BarterUnit LLC, talks about the pivotal and necessary reason behind the Fintech startup.


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BarterUnit – An American fintech company, creates its very own privatized alternative digital currency – called the Barter Unit. The Barter Unit is privatized money subject to an entirely different set of democratically governed mandates. The Barter Unit is set to eradicate economic inequality and reflect the best of what our country can be economically.

We spoke with Phillip H. Perez, Founder and CEO of the BarterUnit establishment to discuss the primary reasons behind the startup. Below are some excerpts of the conversation.

Question: Phillip, can you tell us why you created Barter Units, a digital community currency system?

Perez: “We created the Barter Unit primarily to provide people an alternative digital currency, extra capital if you will, to help with their basic needs and aspirations. A currency free from government intervention, corporate greed, Wall Street manipulation, political corruption and coercion. Personally, for me, the Barter Unit establishment is about making political and economic structural change, it’s about boldly and effectively countering the corruption in our existing system. It’s about providing the people an alternative form of currency to help with their basic needs while simultaneously countering the inefficiencies and absurdities in our current monetary system, that’s the bottom line.”

Question: When you say, “corruption” what do you mean exactly?

Perez: “When I say ‘corruption’ I’m referring to all systemic corruption in general. The existence of Corporatocracy, Plutocracy, Banking Oligarchies, Shadow Bankers, the ridiculous fractional reserve banking system, intentionally designed poverty traps, such as demeaning, arbitrary and unfair means-testing and behavioral-testing social programs, etcetera, etcetera. I’m referring to all corrupted policies intentionally designed to financial marginalize citizens. Having said that, we unequivocally cannot allow the existing Plutocracy to continue to undemocratically govern and destroy our monetary system. We need to fight back, with all our might and create and assert a privatized alternative digital currency system that is democratically governed, one that works for everyone, not just the financial elites. This is a fight for the soul of our country (and all other countries that are affected by our monetary actions). I’ve said this before many times, and I’ll say it again, it’s time for an economic reset. And until Washington policymakers can situate, correct and create an economy that works for everyone, this is what we’re offering – the Barter Unit.”

End Note

The revolutionary BarterUnit app takes into account the interests of the people, specifically the interests of the poor and minorities and provides them opportunity to be socioeconomically relevant. It provides people economic security and freedom, while simultaneously providing participants the opportunity to be released from the shackles of the current disproportionate and rigged financial system. The BarterUnit mobile application is currently available on the Apple and GooglePlay Stores. Download the app today now and join the economic revolution.

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