Mercurial Mouse Gives the Inside Scoop About Her Love of Gaming



On most days, Mercurial Mouse can be found gaming online, adorned with a cat ear headset and a cute look. She’s an avid gamer who has been gaming her entire life. What started out as a quest to have fun has never ended. In fact, she hasn’t joined any gaming teams so that she can keep things as low-pressure and fun as possible.

Today, Mercurial Mouse is really into Overwatch and Fortnite. When playing Overwatch, she loves being the character D.Va, since she matches Mercurial Mouse’ personality of going into a situation at full-steam ahead. Even though she has a lot of fun playing Overwatch, she admits that she’s terrible at it. However, that’s not a problem for her in the least.

Fornite is her other big gaming passion these days. She actually has a few Fortnite cosplays that she enjoys putting on. The Fortnite cosplay props were a big hit with her audience. Even though she had run into a bit of a snag with one costume in particular while painting it, she persisted due to her love of cosplaying for this beloved game, as she always does.

She also loves Minecraft, which is a game that allows players to create their own worlds. This is a game that has captured the attention and adoration of people young and old alike due to its incredible uniqueness, both in looks and premise. Besides building and designing things in Minecraft for the fun of it, she also loves to simply enjoy the calming, almost therapeutic, in-game music.

Mercurial Mouse wouldn’t be much of a cosplaying gamer if she didn’t at least go to one gaming convention. Since she lives in Australia, she has the easiest time going to Magneticon, where she proudly shows off her exclusive Fortnite-inspired cosplay to stun onlookers.

If you’re a gamer, you know how big livestreaming has gotten within the last few years. With sites like Twitch being massive livestreaming platforms for gamers, it was only natural for Mercurial Mouse to join in and become a part of the livestreaming craze. She’s not one to be overly competitive, which is why she keeps her streaming casual. She tries to keep the vibes going as if she was simply gaming with friends. Sure, she takes it seriously enough, but she does it for the sheer fun of it.

Never being the aggressive type, she lets her focus on fun translate into everything she does. This is also seen through her creative cosplay. The costumes she makes are her own, and are loved by her adoring fans on social media. In fact, we feel it’s quite safe to say that Mercurial Mouse has some of the most amazing costumes to adorn Instagram feeds.

If you’re a gamer who wants to see Mercurial Mouse playing any of the games mentioned earlier, then you can follow her Twitch stream here. Also, if you’d like to stay on top of the latest from her, then check out her Instagram page or TikTok here. 

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