Kyy Stacks is Building a Reputation for Herself as the Next Female Voice in Rap



For decades, the Bronx has been an epicenter for the best and brightest minds in the hip-hop industry. Artists like Fat Joe, Swizz Beats, and Cardi B all hold ties in the Bronx neighborhood. Looking to add her name to the list of legendary artists from the NYC borough is up-and-coming rapper Kyy Stacks. After gaining fame on SoundCloud and YouTube with her breakout hit No Talking, Kyy Stacks is prepping her first official release and has her eyes set on major label dreams.

As a child, Kyy Stacks was raised in the South Bronx neighborhood of New York City, and was given a front row seat to the devastating, impoverished lifestyles that many people around her faced. “Where I come from, people resort to the illegal activities and vices that come with being in a low-income community in our society today,” Kyy shared. She continued, “I decided to use my musical talents to create a clean path for my family to get out of poverty and to tell my story at the same time.” Raised solely by her mother, Kyy Stacks pulled a great amount of inspiration from watching what her mother would do for herself and her siblings. Crafting one of the strongest work ethics in the game, Kyy Stacks as kept her nose to the grindstone and proven herself as one of the strongest writers and technically gifted rappers in NYC.

Back in September, Kyy Stacks released her newest single in preparation for her upcoming EP. The track, entitled P.T.S.D., is a nearly 6-minute-long epic in which Kyy shares moments in her life that have haunted her but which she has learned to overcome and grow because of. Displaying her talent as a wordsmith and melodic virtuoso, Kyy Stacks excels on P.T.S.D., and the track provides increased excitement for her forthcoming project, which has yet to have been given a release date.

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