Is Separation Anxiety Disorder Even A Thing?



Whenever you leave for work, school or anywhere else and your pet starts behaving like they need all your attention?. Moreover, if your are on vacations at your parents and it is now time to head back to your place, do you know that sinking gut feeling that you get? That’s separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is not just a self made situation, it is a real human anxiety disorder. Separation Anxiety Disorder is not something we can shrug off, for the people who are struggling with it, it can be legit downright debilitating.

What Is Separation Anxiety

As there are many other psychological disorders that we experience all through our life, separation anxiety is another psychological issue. In the stages of age development, and all through the years, infants, toddlers and even young children often experience a phase of separation anxiety. It is said that most of them outgrow separation anxiety by about 3-5 years of age.


The condition which is less commonly experienced is that separation anxiety disorder can also occur in teenagers and adults. In the later years, it causes very major and significant problems. Separation anxiety, if continues till the later years of adulthood, one must end up having separation anxiety disorder.

The symptoms that an adult and a child experiences is almost the same. The difference is that in children, the separation anxiety is mostly linked to extreme fear and anxiety related to being away from their parents. Whereas, for adults, the separation anxiety is about being away from their partners, close friends and children. Instead of school, work function or other responsibilities can be severely affected and a person can become impaired. For that, it is recommended to consult the best doctor around you, to find the best psychiatrists in Pakistan visit marhampk.

The Causes Of Separation Disorder

By far, even according to all the studies done related to this issues, there are only two main factors that can cause separation anxiety disorder:

1. Genes Can Be The Reason

Majority of the patients that have been diagnosed with the separation anxiety disorder were analysed and it was found that almost all of them had a history of other psychiatric conditions. If not themselves, it was inherited by the families. Therefore, it is said that separation anxiety is also a heritable disorder and might be of a genetic origin.

2. It Can Be Biological

Just like other similar psychiatric disorders, separation anxiety disorder is also considered to be a cause of imbalances in neurotransmitter levels.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation anxiety disorder is only diagnosed when the symptoms have become excessive and is causing distress in daily functioning.

The Symptoms One Can Experience Are:

  • A person is experiencing recurrent and excessive distress about being away from home or loved ones.
  • Having a repetitive though about losing someone to an illness or a disaster
  • Constantly thinking that something bad will happen
  • Straight away refusing to be away from the home as it created a fear of separation anxiety
  • Can not stay alone or do not want to stay alone without a loved one in the house
  • Nightmares
  • Frequent headaches, stomachaches or nausea

Separation anxiety disorder can be linked to severe panic attacks and uninvited anxiety attacks. It causes feelings of intense anxiety and fear, repeatedly and unexpectedly and can escalate in a few minutes only.

How You Can Get It Treated Through Telemedicine

Separation anxiety disorder can be treated through various treatments. But the one which is considered as the best and the most affective is psychotherapy. There are some conditions that can treated by psychotherapies only but some which are severe will also require medications along with the psychotherapies. Psychotherapies, which are also known as talk therapies, involves talking with a therapist to reduce separation anxiety symptoms.

Moreover, Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) is another effective form of psychotherapy which can treat Separation Anxiety Disorder. During a CBT a person is taught to manage and face their fears about separation and uncertainty.

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