TikTok Marketing Approach: 10 Powerful Tips to Excel your Campaigns


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TikTok is a social media platform that is transforming to be the first choice of preference among youngsters. Moreover, the term TikTok is denoted as a verb by its users, who says, “Let’s TikTok today!” 

Most of the brands plan to have a presence on TikTok by gaining popularity, but they are unaware of facts to operate. There are several tips on the TikTok marketing strategy where you can track back to increase your marketing achievement.

The younger generation people are a little skeptical about traditional advertising. Thus to a broader scope, they stopped looking at the television or listening to the radio comparatively than their elders. They also get a lot of news through social media rather than the newspaper. Young audiences use ad blockers online and suffer from banner blindness, making online marketing tactics go senseless.

Some of the marketing tips are listed below:


  • Implement Suitable Hashtags:


Like several other social media platforms, TikTok users mainly focus on the hashtags to classify their videos; also, it is based on the search for the clips by their subject. If the users tap on the “Discover” option denoted as a magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen, they can view videos ordered by their trending hashtags.

Some of the advantages of using TikTok hashtags for your brands are:

  • TikTok hashtags increase the reach of your videos.
  • It helps to classify the competitors.
  • Hashtags receive more followers.

Moreover, add the relevant hashtags and ignore the most popular generic videos because it might get swamped in a sea of content. Based on the marketing, making your videos more visible to those with the campaign also uses the hashtags as they are popular. 

Note: Always remember that hashtags on TikTok are not similar to Instagram. Don’t be motivated to use more than 21 hashtags on TikTok, where you will take away your videos’ essence.


  • Work on with the Latest TikTok Methods:


Make use of hashtags as a part of a marketing strategy; you can simply build and share videos connected to the trending videos. Always keep in mind that trends can be the fast-moving methods where it can maintain a regular eye on TikTok and be ready to alter your content to run with the craze.


  • Include TikTok Influencers in Your Campaign:


TikTok has covered a new generation of influencers, a bunch of people who have smacked with today’s tweens and teens rather than traditional programs from television or movie stars. In a nutshell, the different types of people needed on your side are to take up the TikTok marketing campaigns.


  • Motivate To Comments on Your Posts:


TikTok encourages regular user engagement, where the comments play an important role in succeeding in this. Also, you will develop conversations with your potential customers.

TikTok ranks comments based on the number of likes that they get, so be sure that your remarks work more meaningfully. Overcome some bland words like “nice video”!


  • Post Regularly:


TikTok encourages the regular posting of videos; where a lot of videos you post on TikTok, you get a higher follower rate. 


  • Apply TikTok Effects on Your Posts:


To stand out in the crowd, you can use the effect tabs, new, interactive, editing, funny, world, trending, and animal categories. It also uses a green screen effect that allows you to use the image of your preference to replace it under the video background. 


  • Craft Unique Videos with Descriptions:


To make your TikTok videos famous and attractive, you need to use descriptions as teasers. Also, be precise in your video description of what your video tells your audience. Thus TikTok description is a one-minute time limitation concept, ensuring that your video tries to target your audience.


  • What are TikTok Ads?


Different types of TikTok ads are classified; they are:

In-feed ads: 

Similar to the traditional ads where you can include website links and Order Now options on the ad. These are skippable ads and used in multiple ways.

Brand Takeover Ads:

A combination of images, GIFs, and video clips connects to a landing page or hashtag challenge.


  • Start a Hashtag Challenge:


 The TikTok ads that work around sponsoring hashtags increase likes, views, shares, and brand awareness. Also, share the videos of the people who attempted your challenge. 

A successful hashtag challenge is to motivate the product offline and on other social media sites. Every hashtag challenge can engage people, where you can get more TikTok likes to increase video popularity that dramatically expands your target audiences.

For Instance, talking about big brands like McDonald’s has its #bigmactiktok challenge, where fans had to choose their preferred Big Mac.


  • Combine with Branded Content:


TikTok videos need to provide information or entertain your audience. Also, try to blend promotional videos. For instance, you could work with a series of tips on gaining value from your product.

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