Winged Eyeliner For Parties



We know that mastering the art of eyeliner to perfection takes years. And even after you are perfect at making simple strokes of the eyeliner on both eyes as perfect as mirror images, you finally think, “Should I add a wing?”. You are already late for your date and you do not want to miss it. Yet, you try the wing with that old eyeliner stick. And then, disaster strikes. Now you miss the old makeup and do not have any time to redo it. Relatable? Well, we have a solution for this entire saga. Winged Eyeliner Stamp – The Flick Stick by Lovoi is the eyeliner that you are looking for.

Why Lovoi? This is one of the important questions. Wings are very difficult to draw. And in the present pandemic times, only your eyes can be seen because of the mask and are your entire fashion statement. Sultry eye make-up has become a must in recent times. A camp-like wing will accentuate your make-up and turn you into an absolute queen of the fashion world. Your girlfriends are going to be super jealous of your eye make-up and you can simply flick your bangs and smile in the conspiracy. Check out the features and perks of the eyeliner by Lovoi.


Many liner companies have already promised this to you but we assure you that we are the best. The stocks are made from wax derivatives and are completely devoid of any watery substance. This will make sure that your eyeliner remains steady after an entire night of partying and the hangover that follows. The wax derivatives will make sure that the liner is not smudged even in the most explicable situations.

Stamp And Line

You have to make sure that you learn to use both sides of the eyeliner. The fine tip end is used to draw the delicate lines over your eyelids. The thicker end is known as the stamp end which is used to make the wing at the corners of the eyes. The liner can be used to make a dramatic streak at the ends of the eyes as well.


With the vegan culture developing all over the world, you will be relieved to know that the Winged Eyeliner Stamp – The Flick Stick by Lovoi is completely vegan. It is made from the wax of a plant, which makes the base quite oily. This prevents makeup damage even in tears and sweat. Moreover, dipping is no longer necessary with this eyeliner. You can make sure to paint your eyes by using the eyeliner as a pen.


Given above are some of the quirks of using the Winged Eyeliner Stamp – The Flick Stick by Lovoi. Dramatic eye makeup becomes very easy with this liner. Make sure to have one on you all the time. Given its way, you can make sure that you can design your liner anytime you want with relative ease. Don’t forget to apply a primer before using the liner. This is to make sure that your eyes do not look like that of a clubbed bear the day after the party.

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