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Business Blurb continued to pop-up on my Tik Tok explore page and I became addicted to their creative content. Whether they were breaking down the success story of a shark tank product or feeding their massive following the daily Business Headlines, Business Blurb stands out when it comes down to Entrepreneurial media companies. I wanted to learn more about not only the company and their mission but the people behind this extremely powerful platform.

I dove deeper into the company and was shocked when I found out the founders were all young entrepreneurs themselves. Brendan Cox, Devin Caherly and Faiz Imran teamed up to build Business Blurb in early 2020 and it has exploded since then. Here’s what they had to say:

Brendan Cox is an American entrepreneur based out of New Jersey, specializing in social media and branding. Along with being an entrepreneur, he is also the author of Strictly Business: How to Crush it as a Young Entrepreneur.

Asad: How has background in social media and branding had an impact on Business Blurb?

Cox: From working on the social media and branding aspect of small brands and big companies along with influencers, I definitely think it’s helped me create a vision for what I want Business Blurb to be and where I want Business Blurb to go. 

Asad: Why is Business Blurb different from your average Business Niche Instagram account?

Cox: We are far from your average niche account, we are a media company with a large team working countless hours behind the scenes to produce original content on all platforms. Besides dominating the social media aspect of our company, we are also an award winning business publication.

Asad: Where do you see Business Blurb in 5 years?

Cox: Whether it’s a new platform or a new feature like Instagram Reels, social media changes rapidly. So quite frankly I can’t tell you where we will be in 5 years because not only do I not know but nobody knows. What I can tell you is we are constantly jumping on every new platform and every new feature that will allow us to dominate the business and entrepreneurial space.

Devin Caherly is an American social media personality and internet entrepreneur originally from New Jersey. Caherly has amassed over 1 billion unique views across his viral Tik Tok videos. 

Asad: How did your expertise and following across your personal social media platforms influence the strategy for Business Blurb?

As a creator on social media your job is to be creating content every single day nonstop. I built a personal brand on the Internet already. I carried over my experience and work ethic to build Business Blurb to where it is today. 

Asad: How did Business Blurb amass over a half of million followers across your platforms?

The concept of growing a brand on social media is very simple and straightforward. Anyone can do it but you have to put in the work to make it grow. The key to growing an audience on social media is to give some sort of value. No one‘s going to click “follow” if you don’t provide value to them. Whether that’s entertainment, comedy, tips or education. Giving value and being consistent on social media are the two most important things when growing a brand.

Asad: What is Business Blurb’s end goal?

Business Blurb’s end goal is to be the top business media company for the Generation Z. Many of our competitors are lacking a strong social media presence. We want to change the game and make entrepreneurs appear to the younger generation.

Faiz Imran is a Young Entrepreneur that is pioneering the digital world through his various companies. He is the founder behind Fismma, Everscent and various other start-ups.

Asad: What is unique about Business Blurb that no other media company is doing?

Imran: Business Blurb is crafted by gen z and entrepreneurs in the making FOR gen z and entrepreneurs in the making, we don’t have any larger agenda… Our whole goal is to simply just spread real opinions and real news for real people.

Asad: Your traffic has been exponential compared to other business media companies, why is this?

Imran: We aren’t like any other media companies, since we’re focusing on gen z and people in the now we are able to leverage modern day GEN Z platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram in the form of memes and new entertaining ways of sharing news. Most importantly we’re highlighting amazing stories and entrepreneurs that are highly undervalued and they appreciate being celebrated for their work. 

Asad: Business Blurb brought verification beyond social media and introduced it to the news world. Why did you do this and what has the response been?

Imran: It was an idea we had from the get-go and the concept was to make it easy for readers to understand if the source of the info is credible and isn’t just some press agency trying to make their client look good. 

In my opinion everyone on Business Blurb should be verified because content goes through a vigorous fact checking process. But becoming a verified contributor is also a process of proving why your writing is credible and what your goal is.

The response, funny enough have been other companies copying our concept. We did it first and you can go on website time machines and go back in time and see we did it first. We take other copying us as almost a compliment to our original concept in the modern media space.

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