The Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime



There are around 100 million Amazon Prime users. 

So many people have Amazon Prime because it offers a lot of conveniences. For example, Amazon Prime users get a two-day shipping guarantee. You also have access to channels and shows with Amazon Prime. 

Overall, there are a lot of benefits to Amazon prime, but there are also some things you should be aware of. You should know the pros and cons of Amazon Prime before you consider becoming a user. 

Here’s a guide on the pros and cons of Amazon Prime and how it benefits you to know this information. 

The Pros of Amazon Prime

There are a lot of pros to Amazon Prime. But before discussing them, it’s important to break them down so you can see how each benefit stands on its own. 

The Shipping Benefit

One of the benefits of Amazon Prime is that you have more shipping options. You have access to free 2-day shipping. 

In addition, members of Amazon Prime also have access to free same-day shipping if the order exceeds $35. These shipping benefits are wonderful because they can take the stress out of knowing when your package arrives during Christmas. 

Video Streaming

Another benefit of Amazon Prime is that you have access to video streaming. You have access to Amazon’s original TV shows as well as other shows. 

You can watch shows like The Boys, Catastrophe, and other Amazon originals. It gives you options besides having to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. 

In addition, there are also great shows for kids to watch. They have access to PBS Kids and other kids show that would be difficult to find on another platform. 

You also can add on channels like Starz, HBO, and others to your streaming service. One of the benefits of doing this is you can try these services for free for a week. 

Prime Day

The final benefit you should know about Amazon Prime is there’s a day devoted especially to Amazon Prime shoppers called Amazon Prime Day. Shoppers can take advantage of special Amazon Prime deals; however, you must be a prime member to access these deals. 

Amazon Music

As a Prime member, you also have access to millions of songs without ads. You can listen to your favorite songs for free without having to pay for it like you would on other music streaming services. 

The Lending Library

The final benefit you should be aware of is the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. This allows you to borrow one book per month on Amazon for free. 

You can also borrow it for as long as you want. 

The Cons of Amazon Prime

While there a lot of benefits to Amazon Prime, there are also some cons you need to be aware of. You should know about these cons before becoming an Amazon Prime user. 

The Annual Cost

Amazon Prime costs nearly $120 annually. If you are paying for Amazon Prime, it might be worth it if you purchase a lot of items each year. The annual cost might offset the price you would normally pay on shipping fees. 

However, if you are a student and you want to access to Amazon Prime, you only have to pay around $50. 

If You Don’t Use Amazon Prime Often

Another con is for users who wouldn’t use Prime that often. The cost is the major con if you aren’t spending money on Amazon products. 

But it’s also a con if you are paying for Amazon Prime and you aren’t watching shows on Amazon Prime or listening to music. If you are going to pay for Amazon Prime, you need to take advantage of it so you are getting the best experience based on what you are paying for. 

What’s the Best Decision? 

There are pros and cons to anything. 

The goal is figuring if you will use Amazon Prime the most. The goal is figuring if it will benefit you based on how much you are paying each year. You need to spend as much as you would be paying annually on Amazon Prime to make up the cost. 

While there are obviously more pros than cons when it comes to shopping on Amazon, you have to figure out if you would personally use this site as a member. You have to figure out if you would rather shop in-store at another business or if you would rather shop online. 

Shopping online offers the convenience of saving time and gas instead of having to drive to a store. However, if you are buying clothes that are something else on Amazon, you might realize it’s not the best fit as described on the website. 

That’s why going to a physical store can be better. You’ll have a better idea if an item of clothing fits you better than viewing it on Amazon. 

Overall, there’s a lot to consider before you purchase an Amazon Prime membership, but you might find if you shop a lot that it’s worth it in the long run. 

Now You Know About the Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime

When it comes to the pros and cons of Amazon Prime, you should know how about them before you pay for an annual membership. You don’t want to waste your money on something that you won’t use. 

However, if you think you will use Amazon Prime to buy more items, watch more shows, listen to music, and more, then Amazon Prime can work for you. 

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