How to Create A PowerPoint Template



If you need to use PowerPoint frequently, a good idea for you is to create a PowerPoint template carefully, then in the future situations, you can apply it and complete a new PPT document much faster. This helps to boost your working efficiency and save more time. So in this review, I am going to teach you how to create a PowerPoint template so that you can use it again in the future when you need to edit a new PPT file. 

Before getting started, you need to know that the web version of the PowerPoint editor does not support creating a template yet. So make sure you have downloaded the desktop version of Microsoft PowerPoint software. Then, open the software and follow the guidance below.

Microsoft PowerPoint Newer than Office 2010 Version

Step 1. After opening PowerPoint on your desktop, directly go to “File > New > Blank Presentation” for creating a new document.

Step 2. Switch to “Design” on the toolbar, and then go to “Slide Size > Custom Slide Size” for selecting a page orientation as well as the dimensions you need for the PPT template.

Step 3. Now you need to move to the “View” tab on the toolbar. Then go to “Master Views > Slide Master”.

Step 4. In “Slide Master”, you can make some editions to create your PowerPoint template and make it to be more personalized. For example, you can edit the background settings for the template, choose a theme, add placeholders, etc. Just make the adjustments according to your own needs.

Step 5. When the PowerPoint template is completed, go to “Save > Computer > Browse”. Then in the “Save As” window, you should drop down the “Save as type” menu and choose “PowerPoint Template” for saving the document. After this step over, next time you can find this temple in “File > New > Custom > Custom Office Templates”.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010

Step 1. After opening PowerPoint software and creating a new document, go to “Design > Page Setup”. Here you can choose the page orientation as well as the dimensions you need.

Step 2. Go to “Slide Master”, which should be in “View > Master Views”.

Step 3. Now you can begin to edit the template in detail. You can choose a theme and make background settings, or more to make the template useful for your future usage.

Step 4. When all the edits are completed, move to “File > Save As”. Just the same, you need to save the template as the “PowerPoint Template” format in the “Save As” window. When the next time you need to use it, you can open a blank PowerPoint document, go to “File > New > My Templates” to find this PPT template.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

Step 1. After opening a blank PowerPoint file, move to “Design” and then choose the “Page Setup” option. Here, just like using Office 2010 and a newer version, you can choose the orientation as well as page dimensions you like for the template you are going to create.

Step 2. Now go to “View > Presentation Views > Slide Master”. You need to insert a new “Slide Master” by selecting it in the “Edit Master” section. After inserting, you can begin to edit the template and make any adjustments you want.

Step 3. When the editing is done, just go to “Save As” and then save the template in the “PowerPoint Template” format as before. Then the next time, you can reach back to this template and use it directly for creating your new PowerPoint document.

Except for using the fixed elements provided by Microsoft Office, if you discover more beautiful or good-looking elements from some online templates (more often, they would be saved in PDF document for avoiding abusing usage), you can convert the PDF file to PPT document, then directly use the ones you need in your new template to make it more beautiful.


By creating a PowerPoint template, you just make your next-time PPT editing to be much simpler and efficient. Why not try to create your personalized PowerPoint template now and make your future working to be more time-saving?

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