How to Look Pretty With Glasses: Top 10 Styling Tips



Are you new to the world of wearing glasses? Are you afraid you’re going to have to start trading style for practicality?

Believe it or not, there are ways to wear glasses that can highlight your best features and make you look even more attractive. 

Here’s how to look pretty with glasses and a little styling.

1. Wide Frames Can Slim Your Face

A wide brow bar can make your face look narrow and longer. 

If you have a rounder face, you should shy away from circular frames, as these could make your face look wider. Instead, aim for glasses that are a bit more angular.

Many name brand eyeglasses are available in stylish wider frames. Do a little homework to find the right look for you.

2. Make Your Color Work for You

There’s an art to finding the right glasses color. You may need to try on a few different pairs before you know what best complements your coloring.

If you’re looking for a more subtle style, choose a color that complements the neutral shades in your eyes, such as brown, beige, or black. If you’re looking for something a little more stylish and eye-popping, aim for a bright, fun color like green or red.

Brown eyes usually look with a color that contrasts brown or amber. Bright green or soft blue are great options.

Blue eyes look fabulous in shades that complement them, including tortoiseshell or brown. Orange can also make this eyeshade pop.

If you have green eyes, colors like red, gold, or purple can create a beautiful contrast. And hazel eyes can benefit from brown or green shades, which can bring out your eyes’ natural undertones. 

If you’re more mature, consider a darker tone like black or dark navy, which can strengthen your eye color. And colors like pink or rose can add color to a dull complexion.

You’d be surprised at the energy the right shade of glasses can add to your entire look.

3. Use That Concealer

Glasses can actually cast a shadow under your eyes and your lenses can highlight any discolorations.

Make sure to use concealer each day to disguise any dark circles. A little eye cream overnight can also help to keep your age a secret!

4. Watch Those Lashes

Longer lashes can actually swat against glasses and make it difficult to keep them clean. If you’re investing in glasses, it may be time to trade in those eyelash extensions or your lengthening mascara.

Instead, opt for a thickening or volumizing mascara so your lashes can still pop beautifully without the inconvenience. You’ll want to apply it heavier on the roots than at the tips. Also, make sure to curl them up rather than out.

5. Frame Your Face

The same types of glasses won’t look right on everyone. You’ll need to know your face and how you can best complement it. 

Square faces, for example, have angular features and have a straight line that extends from the forehead to the jaw. They look best with rounded, thinner frames that add a little curve to your face.

Round faces are usually nicely offset by rectangular frames, which can serve to make your face appear longer. Upset frames can draw attention to your eyes if you have a rounder chin.

Oval faces have narrow foreheads and chins. The right pair of glasses can add balance by emphasizing strong points. Consider square, rectangle, or geometric shapes.

Heart-shaped faces tend to have wide brows and heavy cheekbones. They work best with frames that have a slight wing.

Triangle-shaped faces tend to be wide on top and narrow on the bottom. Glasses with a bolder brow line can make your forehead look longer.

6. Fun With Eye Makeup

When you’ve got glasses on, dark eye makeup can really make your lids look heavy. Neutral, shimmery shadows can make your eyes look bright and alert.

You’ll also want to add a bit of blush to make your whole face look fresh and beautiful.

7. Shape Those Brows

One thing glasses are destined to do is draw attention to your eyes. You won’t want any stray hairs or bushy brows as these will become more noticeable.

If you prefer eyebrow waxing or threading, make sure you get your brows professionally shaped regularly. Otherwise, use your tweezer to keep them tuned up.

8. Play Up Your Lips

With your glasses bringing so much attention to your eyes, a bold lip can balance out your face and bring your natural features to life.

A classic red in a shade similar to your own color is a great way to make your pout really stand out.

9. Clean Glasses Regularly

Nothing looks quite as sloppy as a scratched-up or dirty pair of glasses. Cleaning them daily can improve your entire look and feel.

You can use warm water or a special lens cleaning solution to clean your glasses each night. Use a special soft cloth to wipe them off.

10. Pull Your Hair Back

Hair that falls in your face is even less convenient with a pair of glasses on. It can also detract from your pretty new look.

A messy bun, braid, or ponytail could be the perfect way to show the world your new smart, sophisticated glasses and the features they bring out.

How to Look Pretty With Glasses

Far from detracting from your natural beauty, glasses can be the perfect accessory. If you’re wondering how to look pretty with glasses, start by choosing the right frame for your eye color and face shape. Your specs could become a fashion staple for years to come.

Don’t stop getting beautiful now. For more great lifestyle advice, read our blog today.

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